The Princess Cowgirl and the Princess Witch Halloween it up

standard November 3, 2009 3 responses

Their mother is a mommy blogging novelist marketer, their daddy is a ukulele playing lawyer, so is it really all that surprising that C and Little L couldn’t decide on just one costume for this Halloween?

Beautiful Princess Witch.
“Because witches are kind of like princesses, right mommy?”
Witch Princess Image with Nikon D40
Cowgirl princess!
Complete with cowgirl hat, cowgirl boots, and hand-me-down Gymboree jeans.
Cowgirl Princess Image with Nikon D40
We did some afternoon trick-or-treating in town.
And we faced the hordes of other candy hungry kids.
Trick-or-treaters image with Nikon D40
Little L was delighted with the whole thing.
Her hat, curls, boots, and blue eyes delighted everyone else.
Cowgirl Princess Image with Nikon D40
We also did some evening trick-or-treating.
The Princess Witch was very excited about the whole thing.
Patient, but excited.
Witch Princess with Nikon D40
 Note the red cowgirl boots?
And the barely contained excitement?
Trick-or-Treaters with Nikon D40
 We took our friend M.J. trick-or-treating for her very first time.
Though that banana turned out to be her favorite treat of all.
Infant Monkey Halloween Costume with Nikon D40
 Our favorite trick was putting her in a tree.
Infant Monkey Halloween Costume with Nikon D40

 It was a low key, easy Halloween with no drama and very few tears. C clutched a flashlight tightly and only freaked out at the sight of one costumed boy. All in all it was a very successful evening, which gives me hope that the horrible no good terrible Halloweens really are a thing of the past!

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