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Our drive to Tahoe took a record 3.5 hours during which the children slept blissfully. We had watched the weather forecasts like hawks, hoping that the predictions for clear skies would hold true. M’s little Honda is sexy and fun, but it would be no match for icy snowy roads. We were in luck and the roads were both clear of holiday travelers and snow.

Between the hours I’ve been working and Little L’s run-in with Hand Foot & Mouth I was beyond fried by the time we packed up the car and headed to the mountains. I desperately needed up unplug and recharge. Long before we had started to gain altitude I was sleeping just as hard as the girls.

It was a perfect weekend, lots of quality family time, plenty of relaxing downtime.

We had a very class and low key Country Club dinner. No leftovers, but no cooking, which is, all in all a pretty decent trade off.

 Little girls even get to have Mac&Cheese and curly fries for Thanksgiving at the club!
  It makes them happy.

And even though it did eventually snow, we didn’t let that dampen our fun. Instead we got bundled up nice and warm… 

Hats and gloves…
 Big thick jackets…

  … and we trudged out to enjoy some of the snow.

Where we found mammoth pine-cones.
Worried about the snow in the trees…

and pulled out daddy’s sled from when he was a kid…


And then someone took her gloves off and discovered that snow isn’t just soft, white, and fluffy. It’s also very, very cold.

We made it home safe and sound despite the snow on the roads, pulling in late last night after another pleasantly sleepy drive. Even before we left I had plenty to be thankful for, I’m just glad I had a low key, stress free weekend to enjoy it all.

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2 responses

  • Good to know you do take time to sleep, even if it’s only on long car rides!

    The pictures were beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing them.

  • I love it when you take the time to capture the crying moment. That is committed blogging.

    These pictures were amazing. You really captured the weekend. I love C’s little house on the prairie look. And L’s hip little girl dress. Their faces have changed since this summer. This is making me so excited for Christmas. But get ready for some SERIOUS nativity scenes.

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