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Mommy went to a Blogger party and we all get cool swag

standard November 17, 2009 3 responses

Well, clearly we can’t all be as cool as C sporting her new Teeny Tiny shades. They’re best known for protecting little eyes from harmful UV rays, but you just can’t reason with these 4-year-olds going on 15. They want to look cool and wear them indoors.

Teeny Tiny Optics

Oh, wait. Apparently you can’t reason with the 2-year-old set either. Little L is also sporting fancy Teeny Tiny Optics shades as well as the shaggiest hippest hat in town. This beauty was hand made by Zooni and she’d be asleep wearing it if I hadn’t made her take it off before bath time.

Zooni Hat and Teeny Tiny Optics Glasses

If you have a fetish, or just a love, of unbearably cute babies in unbearably cute hats then I double dog dare you to click that link. I guarantee you will also find the cutest socks you will have ever seen. Ever. Honest. Be warned. Clicking that link could be harmful to your wallet.

Oh that hat. And that face. And those crooked glasses.
I could just eat her up.
Though I’d chew with my mouth closed…
Zooni Hat and Teeny Tiny Optics Glasses

Mommy didn’t just come home with hat and eye wear. She also brought home some kick ass shoes for her kick ass eldest. Though it might be hard to actually kick ass with shoes this cute. It would be a shame to get them scuffed.

Livie&Luca Livie's Pink Wings

These puppies come to us straight from Livie & Luca, which I did not know before last night, and who will now be pocketing my next paycheck. Come on! I can’t have one child in these and not the other! Plus, wouldn’t it be unfair to deny Little L these? Toddler shoes with spats people! Pink spats!

Now I did say swag for all and here’s where you guys win! The awesome people behind Livie & Luca are so cool they’re letting you have 25% off until the end of December. What are you waiting for? Get shopping! And use the code BLOG25 when you check out.

Look how happy they’d make your child!
Livie&Luca Livie's Pink Wings

More to come on the incredible awesomeness that came out of the Silicon Valley Moms Blog Holiday Extravaganza. I still need to sort through everything!

I was not paid, blah, blah, blah, to say any of this, blah, blah, blah, nor did I bribe my children to smile and look happy with anything other than Costco Mickey Mouse chicken nuggets, cool hats, glasses, and new shoes. I just couldn’t resist sharing the cuteness with you.

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3 responses

  • Soooo cute! It was lovely to see you.

  • But the shoes and hat aren’t pink!

  • I bought a pair of the Livie and Lucca shoes for my 2- year old and she ADORES them. And this is not a girly girl. She would rather wear her brother’s Super Friends p.j’s than anything. But something about those pink shoes and how easy they are to get on just clicked with her. And now you had to show me that they make pink spats? How can I resist?

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