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Kissing, licking, and nibbling our way to tasting new foods

standard November 19, 2009 1 response

“RabiOly! RabiOly!”

The chant from the back seat made me smile. My two girls demanding something they’d never had before, that was a first for sure. But hey, I’m not one to be begged. And there wasn’t really much else for dinner at home. So we’d try the mini-raviolis from Trader Joes. Noodles are noodles after all.

I wasn’t too worried about C. This morning she gave me a whole shpiel about how it was bizarre that her friends at school kept saying they didn’t like something without even trying it. I know that tomorrow she’ll be back to turning up her nose at anything that doesn’t look exactly like one of the foods on her “approved list,” but today I had a feeling she’d still be on her “I try anything kick.”

Little L was another issue.

She’ll get caught up in her sister’s excitement over something without really taking the consequences into account. Playing ‘bed time,’ running through the cold sprinklers naked, and yes, trying raviolis for the first time.

That is, until I actually place the raviolis in front of her.

“I no liiiiike that! I don’t want it!” Look of sheer disgust on her face, warning signs of a massive tantrum in her face. It had all the makings of a disastrous dinner hour.

I resisted the urge to demand that she eat, knowing full well that it would backfire. Instead I sat down at the table with a fun catalog filled with bright holiday decorations and toys to try to distract her.

I had a faint hope that I’d be able to sneak in a bite here or there, something which always worked with C at her age. But Little L is savvy to her mother’s tricks. So I had to pull my other ace out of my sleeve. Usually it’s what I lead with, but I was a bit off my game tonight. Lack of sleep does that to me.

“Hey? Goose? This teeny tiny ravioli is just a baby and he’s a bit sad. Can you give him a kiss? Just a little kiss, not a big one!” She looked at me out of the corner of her eye, but my impeccable acting skills swayed her and she leaned in a bit. When she hesitated I egged her on until her pouty lips connected with the tiny ravioli and gave it a tiny kiss. 

It’s all about making that first contact. Once her lips have touched the offending food, it only takes a tiny nudge to get her to lick it. And once she’s licked it it’s just another tiny step to taking a nibble or a real bite. And usually once one bite has been taken, we’re golden.

I’ve seen people throw me odd looks in restaurants when I beg my baby to kiss her food. To be sure, it’s an odd request. But what do I care? My kid is trying new foods and sometimes she even likes it, as the “Mmmmms” that followed the first nibble all the way to the emptying of her bowl tonight can attest.

Need a little humor today? Over at the Tiny Prints blog we’re poking fun at the silly things parents say that truly shows the world that they’re parents. “You know you’re a parent when…” I’d love to know what it was you said!

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1 response

  • I love it! That’s too funny. I can totally relate except I’m more extreme. When it comes to food I’m either Hitler or Mother Theresa with my kids. Depends on my mood. 🙂

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