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Five jobs and counting, but still sane

standard November 4, 2009 6 responses

By the time I dropped off the girls at daycare this morning I had already conducted a phone meeting for one of my jobs – managing editor at a local parenting newspaper. I kissed them goodbye, reminded them to make good choices, and headed a half hour south for a second meeting for a second job – co-creator of a website. (Still in very early days. Incredibly exciting.)

After a quick lunch with an old co-worker I raced to my new job (job #3) at Tiny Prints. For four hours I worked nonstop on a number of projects* and then I tidied up my desk and hurried back out.

I had 15 minutes to go get C and Little L from daycare, which is when my fourth job of the days started.

Now, you could argue that being a mommy isn’t really a job, or you could argue that it’s the hardest job of all. I just know that after a full day of work I still had to come home, cook dinner, clean up, wash little people, put them in pajamas, read them books, and put them to bed. Thank goodness for M. There’s no way I could have done it by myself.

When the children are in bed and the grown-ups have eaten there’s one more job (job #5) awaiting my attention – blogging. I update here, sometimes there, and from now on here too.

If I had any energy left at the end of all that I’d turn my attention to my sorely neglected novel (job #6), but tonight that’s just not going to happen. It’s almost 10:30, I’m nowhere near done with job #5, and I just got a flurry of emails related to job #1.

I’m sure that soon this new routine will feel like just that, routine, but right now it’s feeling like a bit of a stretch. I’ll either get used to it or something will have to give. I just don’t know what it could be. Hopefully it won’t be my sanity.

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6 responses

  • Good luck with the 5 jobs. Going back and forth definitely requires a lot of energy and focus. I am impressed! But I am sure you will manage well.
    Completely agree that the mom job is the hardest of all. I am always reminded of it when I am sick or tired. That’s when I can usually still do email and decent work, but chasing my toddler around or reading/singing to him takes all my energy away. It’s hard!

  • Wowza! I was exhausted just reading all that you accomplished in your day. Kudos to you!

    Just discovered your blog and love it here! You’re an amazing writer. Will be back soon.

  • “Sorely Neglected.” Is that the working title?

    I thought I was swamped with a regular teaching day followed by p-t confs. Hm, I shouldn’t have been so tired.

    Your apples and honey link to that post reminded me of a question. Do you know Patricia Polacco’s books for kids? They’re a little old for your girls yet, but they include some great stuff. Let me know if you want to know more…

  • Is the exciting on the one I know about, or something different?

  • So many jobs – makes me feel better about my 2 or 3 jobs! The mommy job is the hardest for me, at least some days. I can say no to my clients or not answer the phone after 5pm, not so easy to turn the kids off after dinner!

  • Good luck with it! I’m sure some of the exhaustion is from it being new. That being said, for myself, I’ve had to take the attitude of ‘something has to give’ and when I do that, everything falls into place alot more easily.

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