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Things I’d pay for on Twitter

standard October 1, 2009 5 responses

A few days ago I read an article that mentioned the big Twitter question: What’s Twitter going to do to start earning some money?

It made me think. What would I pay for on Twitter?

I love that Twitter is a free service. No doubt about it. But I’m a huge user. I’m on there multiple times a day. I have lots of followers. I follow lots of people. In short, I’d stay if I had to pay. I’m addicted. Can’t live without my Twitter!

That said, if I were a paying user there are a few things that I’d expect in exchange.

1) I want to be able to search my followers and the people I follow.

2) I want to be able to organize my followers and the people I follow into categories and priority lists.

3) I want the option to email people. Or at least send longer Direct Messages. Maybe 200 characters, or, gasp, 250.

4) I want click-able links on people’s profile pages.

5) I want a faster way to follow back people. When I follow back I look at bios, conversations, and relevance. I click on every single profile page. It takes a long time.

It’s not much. And it definitely doesn’t mean that I don’t think that Twitter is amazing just the way it is. I’m just saying that I’d be willing to pay for the service and it would be unbelievable if they took it a half step further.

What would you pay for on Twitter? What would you like to see improved?

*Photo by Bakerella. Found on Twitterlogos.

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5 responses

  • I’m intrigued because I have managed to avoid Twitter, and I feel good about it. When Kevin Spacey was on David Letterman, he was trying to explain Twitter to Dave, and Dave said, “So what you’re telling me is it’s just a big waste of time!”

    My pastors Twitter, my son Twitters, you Twitter, but for me I know it would just suck the life out of me.

    Too much screen time, I can’t imagine…

    Call me old school, it took me a few years to start wearing capris too! (Which, when you consider them are old school–pedal pushers–but I think you get my point anyway!)

    PS–I have been recommending Guernsey to all my reading friends.

  • In a nutshell, I’m willing to pay for NOTHING on twitter.

    If they try to monetize by forcing their following to pay for a service, well I think that they are gonna lose a ton of people.

    I mean, I love Twitter… but I’m not adding a Twitter line-item to my budget.

  • Honestly I am CHEAP and so I doubt I would ever pay for Twitter 🙁 Sad I know it.

    IF by chance I had all the money to spend on my favorite networking or micro-blogging sites in this case of Twitter I would probably want all the features you listed because those are all the things I have thought of in the past too!

    I highly doubt I would ever pay for Twitter though in all honesty.

  • There already is a way to search your followers… tweetdeck and tweepsearch.

  • I love me some twitter, but I don’t think I could pay for it. Which is too bad.

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