The Challenge of a Social Media Friendly Workplace

standard October 30, 2009 6 responses

When I started blogging, blogging wasn’t cool. We were a secret little community online, and trust me, we didn’t broadcast to our friends, family, or coworkers that we had an “online journal.”

The first year I went to BlogHer I told everyone I knew that I was going to a writer’s conference. I just couldn’t admit to being that geeky. And of course I wanted to make sure that the people at work never, ever found out that I was blogging.

My blog was my private space, my place to vent about work and life, and I just didn’t want them reading it. Not even when blogging became hip.

Once I left that job and the risk of getting “Dooced*” vanished, I opened up about my blog. I stopped writing under an alias and started promoting myself everywhere I could. It felt great to be able to let my friends and family in and it felt even better to be able to point to my blog whenever anyone wanted to see what I was capable of writing.

But there was no risk. I worked for myself. I wasn’t going to offend anyone, I wasn’t going to spill company secrets or upset a client, and I wasn’t going to write a gut wrenching post and have to face coworkers who might have read it the next morning.

Then on Monday I started a job at Tiny Prints where all my coworkers not only know a thing or two about social media and blogging, but they’re my friends online, they’ve read my blog, and they have blogs of their own. Before I went to my interview I knew more about the whole team than I knew about some of my longtime coworkers at my old job.

I am loving working in an environment where everyone breathes and lives social media. It’s my world. It’s what I’ve been doing for years. It’s been my passion for a long time and it’s thrilling to both meet other people who are passionate about it and to feel like all my knowledge is valuable and useful.

But there’s no doubt that there’s a certain nail biting, stressful aspect to it too.

I mean, last week I would so have blogged about the stress rash that is driving me crazy, today, I’m hesitant to go there. And there are other topics that I’m loath to blog about that a week ago I would have delved into without hesitation.

I’m sure that soon I’ll be over the novelty of constantly being around people who read my posts and my tweets, but there’s no doubt that it’s by far the biggest adjustment I’m facing this week.

*Getting fired for writing about your job or employer.

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