Starbucks Goes Instant.

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In a move that’s going to make Starbucks even more famous, (if that were possible) this week the major coffee corporation launched a product that has been 20 years in the making.

VIA. Instant coffee.

I know. I know. Your grandma was drinking Sanka long before the 80s. VIA ain’t your grandma’s Sanka.

Instead of dehydrating brewed coffee and pulverising it, Starbucks figured out how to take real coffee beans and grind them so fine that the powder produced dissolves instantly in water – hot or cold. To make sure that you realize there’s a difference, they’re calling it ready brew, not instant.

It really did take them 20 years to figure out the process, so it’s understandable that the Starbucks executives are insanely excited to finally present this gold dust to its customers.

And it is gold dust. Fine powder that smells exactly like coffee should smell.

Slip a packet or two in your pocket so you’re never home without a cup of decent coffee. Or do what the foodies around the world are going to do – hunt down some recipes that call for coffee powder and have at it. I’m thinking that VIA rubbed on a nice steak would be amazing, especially if we follow it up with some chocolate mocha iced brownies.

Mix a little packet of the VIA Instant Brew in exactly 8oz of cold or hot water and you’ll have yourself a cup of coffee that you probably won’t be able to tell hasn’t been freshly brewed.

Not convinced? Head over to a Starbucks any time between Friday, October 2 to Monday, October 5 and take part in the taste test challenge. Starbucks is pretty confident you won’t be able to tell which cup is instant and which cup is drip coffee. Most of their experts couldn’t tell, why would you?

Cliff Burrows Starbucks US President,
presenting VIA to a gawking group of press mavens like myself (snort).
He prefers the Colombian. Me, the Italian Roast.

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3 responses

  • Just took the test and spotted it SO quick.

    The Via stuff has a chemical aftertaste, but the real brew doesn’t.

    I think Starbucks is doing themselves a disservice by having people taste them side by side like that. When you drink them right after each other the difference is way obvious.

    At least I scored a coupon for a free cup of the real stuff, though.

  • You know, I’ve been somewhat homebound on and off all week, and so was delighted to see you had a new post. I think it’s polite to comment, but I don’t drink coffee. Ever. Oh wait, I had an iced coffee at Cafe DuMond (sp) in New Orleans about six years ago…

    I’m envious of people’s passion for coffee. Sometimes I feel like a child who just can’t handle the hard stuff!

  • I am insanely excited about this product. Just sayin.

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