Long lazy wonderful weekends are all too rare and precious

standard October 19, 2009 3 responses

Once in a blue moon, a diamond encrusted miracle takes place: two brilliantly white clear days on the calendar. No scheduled events for a whole weekend.

It’s always a fluke, because if you were to ever notice a full unplanned 48 hours you’d instantly find a million important and urgent things to fill the time. Trips to Ikea or Home Depot. Errands that keep getting put off. Huge organization projects. Or even a day excursion that you’ve always wanted to tackle. God forbid all that precious time go to waste!

This weekend the stars aligned. We had something scheduled both Friday and Sunday evening, so the calendar looked deceptively packed. Add to that the fact that our Saturday afternoon plans were canceled at the last minute and we found ourselves in the presence of that magical thing: a totally free weekend.

Instead of packing up and heading to the beach we opted to stay home. We lazed around, played in the yard, did a few things around the house, covered the front walk in chalk drawings, went to the library, danced in the kitchen, painted some pumpkins, colored, colored, colored, and thoroughly enjoyed the down time.

It was wonderful to not have to run anywhere. It was amazing to just enjoy each other’s company. It was sweet to hear C and Little L playing in their rooms with toys they don’t always have time to enjoy. And it was heaven to be able to curl up on the couch with my book and read while everyone had their own fun. All in all it was just a good weekend. A good, very low key, low stress, mellow weekend.

I wish we had more just like this, but I checked the calendar, the next two gleaming empty weekend days are far, far way.

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3 responses

  • Oh, I’m trying to enjoy fall here, I’ve been actively seeking it out, but your snaps made me miss summer!

    When Mac was small, I was a full-time student and also worked. Our rare free days were “Mac and Mommy days”, and we spent them very much like you did.

    Loved reading about your weekend!

  • I adore weekends like that. Grace gets bored though and keeps asking when we’re going somewhere. This past weekend we had a showdown on Saturday and refused to let her out of the house until she cleaned up her mess in the living room..hehe. Glad you had a great weekend! Loved the pictures!

  • Hooray for stars aligning! Also, I’m totally jealous.

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