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Letting my inner Martha loose

standard October 23, 2009 6 responses

The organization seminar that I attended a month ago has really started something magical around here. We’re actually trying to be more organized and to a certain extend, we’re succeeding! The mail situation is still very much under control. The laundry is staying the course. But until this weekend the out of control artwork situation was still out of hand.

Not anymore though! I went all Martha on it.

The problem was that C and Little L, on average, produce anywhere from 5 to 10 pieces of art a day. And yes, much of that can hit the trashcan, but some of it is really good. And at the very least it’s stuff they’re quite proud of.

I came up with a plan that would both get rid of the piles and piles of art that pile up everywhere and allow them to display their art with pride.

An art wall.

We had a blank wall, I found some ribbon and small binder clips. And presto, the art wall was born.
The girls decided what went up and they will decide what will come down when it’s time to switch things around. Then I’ll put the pieces that come down away in a safe place. Everything has been dated and named so that ten years down the road we know who made what.

They’re so proud to show their wall of art to every visitor. I’m thrilled I finally found a place to store all their art and something to cover that wall! It still hasn’t solved the issue of all the art materials that are lying around, but I’m sure my inner Martha will find something to do with it soon enough.

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6 responses

  • We just recently invested in some double stick tape and started sticked stuff on the sliding glass door. Lol. Even now I’m looking at it with such pride my heart is bursting! I’m glad we did it. They come home with an insane amount of art from preschool too.. hopefully we have enough window space or we may have to expand to the surrounding walls! hehe

  • In what room was this blank wall?

    I always tell my kids to keep their writng and their art. It’s what best shows their evolution as students.

    Mac came across some of his stuff when we moved two years ago, and he enjoyed sorting through it. He was never an artist (well he is with words), but even his stick figure cartoons drawn in middle school were cracking him up.

    Great idea! Those little artists are prolific!

  • I LOVE this Jessica, and although my kids produce far less art than yours, want to do the same. Question: how did you attach the ribbon to the walls?

  • @Carol, At first I was going to use pretty thumbtacks, but that didn’t work at all, so we used thin nails and that worked perfectly!

  • I love this idea. You’re so clever…now get back to writing, we know you’re procrastinating on your book.

  • I eventually bought 2 frames and once a month each girl picked one piece of art, which I displayed for that month (before filing it away for posterity). They loved seeing it displayed like “real” art (which, of course, it was!)

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