Flesh and blood beats paper any day

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I read the first Diana Gabaldon Outlander series book long before I knew the series was popular. In fact it was so long ago it might even have been before they were popular. I don’t know. I didn’t care. All that I cared about was that I had found the perfect man.

He was tough and tender. He was buff and good looking. He was smart and literate, but spoke with a sexy accent. He was exactly the kind of guy I dreamed would swoop in and take me away, making me feel petite and safe all at the same time.

That he was nothing more than a character in a book was completely and utterly besides the point.

A million years or so later I have just started reading the 7th volume in the series, An Echo in the Bone. I was so excited to get this book. Not just because I was going to finally find out the continuation of the story, but because I was going to get to be reunited with my beloved Jamie again.

Oh, Jamie.

But 100 or so pages in I realized that he just wasn’t making my heart throb quite as much any more. Was it that he had aged? Was it that I had aged? I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

A gentle snore pulled me out of my contemplation and back into my bedroom. I glanced down at M sleeping soundly besides me and I smiled.

Jamie doesn’t make my heart race any more because someone else does. I don’t need to fantasize over the perfect man, I’ve found him.

He may not be Scottish and covered in scars. He might never have fought wars in the Highlands or been a pioneer in 18th Century America. But he’s tough and tender, he’s definitely buff and good looking, and even though he doesn’t speak in a sexy Scottish accent, he’s unquestioningly smart and literate. And he’s so much more than that in every way possible.

Who needs a two dimensional dream man when a flesh and blood three dimensional one shares your bed and your life?

Happy Love Thursday everyone.

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5 responses

  • what a great post. Jamie is one of my favorite subjects too 🙂 I didnt realize the new book was out, I’ll have to order that in the morning! First time Ive ever visited your blog, Ill come back!

  • How tender!

    Truly, my favorite fictional character? Woody from Toy Story. Perhaps because his greatest quality is loyalty.

  • I love Jamie too although I stopped reading the series around book 5 – I just couldn’t get into them anymore. You will have to tell me what happens.

    Ironic that he is so lovable even after he beats his wife and enjoys it (and she forgives him of course because she had almost gotten him and his men killed).

  • hello!

    great blog

    i love the theme 🙂

    unfortunately, i haven’t heard of jamie yet 🙂


  • Ya … but when hubby comes into the bdrm with a towel painted like a kilt and starts trying out his Scots accent (he’s Ukrainian/French), I gotta say that he’s SO much more delicious!

    Jamie’s the bomb. And my hubby knows it. Hard to compete with the perfect fictional character!

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