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Last night I finally shut down my computer at 12:45. Then I tidied the kitchen, started a load of laundry, changed Little L’s diaper, tucked C in tightly, brushed my teeth, got the girls’ clothes ready for the morning, found their shoes and socks, and plugged in my cell phone.

Then I crawled into bed and finally fell asleep around 1:15.

At 6:30am hacking coughs from the girls’ bedroom roused me from a deep sleep. I held my breath as I waited to hear if more was coming. More came, so I dragged myself out of bed to go give Little L a small dose of Chestal, which luckily soothed her throat enough to allow her to slide back into sleep. I hustled back to my own bed.

I finally dragged myself out of bed for real after M got out of the shower at 7:10 and from that moment on I didn’t stop moving for the rest of the day.

I got myself dressed, ironed some pants, dressed the girls, brushed their hair, made myself some tea, got everyone into the car, rushed off to daycare, forgot my tea (sob!), dropped off the girls, learned that Little L had bitten her best friend and drawn blood the day before (Sorry A!), rushed off to work, worked, found the coffee (score!), went to a meeting, worked, had more coffee, went to another meeting, packed up, rushed off to pick up some lunch, dashed north to my other job, crammed two hours of work and lunch into 45 minutes, attended another (oh so long) meeting, rushed off to pick up the girls from daycare, got there five minutes late, checked that no-one bit anyone, hustled everyone into the car, headed home while everyone talked a mile a minute about their days, ran into the house, changed (icky work clothes), ran back out of the house, got everyone back into the car, hurried to McDonald’s (restaurant for the tired mommies), ate a lovely (snort) dinner, had an email spaz, ranted to M about the afternoon email, dragged the girls and M to Costco to get diapers, discovered that Costco members get a special deal on Bail Bonds, giggled all the way home, bathed the kids as fast as possible, got everyone into snug PJs, passed them off to M for bedtime reading/milk, cracked open the computer, did the edits that caused the McDonald’s email tantrum, sent them off to the graphic designed who was waiting for them, tucked the girls into their beds, kissed them good night and threatened bodily harm to anyone who uttered a peep (kidding, I just threatened to take away respective pacifiers/stuffies/etc.), and then I finally collapsed on the couch.

Which is where I am still sitting two hours later. Oh how I love my couch.

There were moments today when I had painful flashbacks to the dark days when Little L never slept and I had to force myself to keep putting one foot in front of the other just to get through the days. And yet, even as I was conscious of the bone deep exhaustion that gripped me today, I never felt that despair that used to overshadow all those days. Despite the tired, despite the lack of morning tea, despite the lack of lunch time, despite the endless afternoon meeting, and yes, despite the end of day editorial tantrum, it was still an awesome day.

I used my brain, I said smart things, I did work that I was proud of, I felt valued and appreciated, and I had fun even as I stifled yawns and garbled my words. It was a good day. And since I’ll probably be getting more sleep tonight than last night, tomorrow might be even better. How sweet is that?

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