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standard September 24, 2009 5 responses

“That’s not a word!”
“Oh right, oops. Sorry.”

What started as an innocent way to get C to play more games has turned into something much better.

First, C has taken to game playing with a passion. We had been playing games here and there. A round of Zingo one morning, a bit of Candy Land one afternoon. But this week we’re actually making an effort to sit around a table and really play. Plus, we’ve taken it to a whole new level by introducing her to cards.

M started with War, I introduced Go Fish. And now she’s really playing, calling out for cards, doing a happy dance when the game goes her way, respecting the rules, and no longer crying when she loses the butterflies on the 6s. (You might have to know this particular deck of cards to get that…)

M and I used to play games all the time. It was our favorite way of reconnecting at the end of the day. But between Law school, kids, jobs, blogs, and everything in between, we’ve forgotten how much we enjoyed it.

This week the lure of brand new games beat out the lure of the computer, the TV, and everything else. After tucking the kids snug in their beds and we headed to the kitchen instead of the living room.

Between rounds of Connect 4×4, and Scrabble Slam, we’ve reconnected in a way we used to connect. We’ve laughed and we’ve joked. We’ve teased each other and we’ve had plain old, cheap fun. We haven’t played for hours, just enough to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

I agreed to participate in Hasbro’s National Family Game Night because it sounded like fun. I stocked up and games and set aside the time. I’m grateful I did. I love that M and I have gotten back in the habit of playing and I’m delighted that we’re teaching C how fun it can be.

*To play Scrabble Slam you just make new words by swapping out one letter at a time. It’s all 4 letter words. M thinks we should try to always speak in 4 letter words now. In fact he suggested I write this blog post in 4 letter words. I didn’t even try. Nuts Jess ain’t.

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