Who’s ready for Family Game Night?

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About six months ago something miraculous happened. No, really. We sat down to play a game with C… and she sat and played with us. She didn’t collect cards because they were pink. She didn’t tip the whole thing over after three minutes. She actually sat and played. By the rules. And she didn’t let us let her win.

Being avid game lovers, ever since then we’ve played quite a few games. (Zingo is the current family favorite, though Little L doesn’t quite get the concept yet.) And now we’re gearing up for the big Hasbro Family Game Night.

September 23rd. Put it on our calendar.

Hasbro did a little research and they discovered that nearly half of Americans polled believe that a family game night is the most enjoyable form of family bonding. Apparently board games top all other family activities such as watching movies, cooking, or playing sports.

I really wanted to learn that family game night was changing the world in more fundamental ways, but really, what could be wrong with family bonding? It probably keeps kids off the streets and off crack and stuff like that.

Play games! Eat an apple! Be healthy!

Hey! Maybe I should start a rumor that playing board games prevents swine flu!

OK. OK. I’m getting carried away.

But seriously. Families that play together, stay together. It helps with communication and self esteem. And crazy thought, it can actually be FUN.

I know. Total shocker.

So, on September 23rd, we’re make like all the other cool families on the block and pulling out the old Connect 4, the new Candy Land, the battered Clue, or maybe the age old (or slightly modernized) Monopoly. We might make some popcorn and grab some drinks then we’re rolling the dice.

Little L will undoubtedly suck on some game pieces and insist that something it’s her turn when it clearly isn’t, C will feel sad if one of us consistently loses, M will probably try to cheat, and yes, it’s not impossible that I’ll glance at my watch a few times. (Hey, no judging until you’ve played multiple rounds of Candy Land in one sitting!)

Then, just to be even crazier, I might put it on the calendar as a monthly event. This month we might be playing endless rounds of Candy Land, but maybe our family game nights will eventually evolve to more classic or more new games. I’ll just be happy if the girls start enjoying games as much as M and I do.

Are you interested in hosting your own Family Game Night? Hop over to The Lemonade Stand for some helpful tips!

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2 responses

  • I’m such a bad mom, I was never a fan of board games. It sounds sad, but that’s one parenting thing I wish I could re-do. My sister liked games, so she played a lot with Mac.

    Twisted, we have friends over at least once a month to play games now. I teach all sorts of math games to my kids.

    Sigh. Sorry Mac.

  • I love games, I really do. My family really needs to start playing more games together. Maybe family game night will be a start!

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