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It’s confession time!

standard September 18, 2009 3 responses

Posting that last Friday Flashback was a bit of a cop-out, because, let’s be honest, I still do most of that stuff, and I’ve added a bunch to the list.

So here it is, my newest, latest, and not so flattering confessions.

– I still only bathe my kids every other day, at best. But I have graduated from wipes baths. But only because they won’t stand for it.

– I work from home now, but I never did manage to figure out a decent housekeeping schedule. So, yeah, laundry still has the best of me, as do all the piles of clutter around the house.

– I really only pretend to care that my house is a mess. As long as it isn’t dirty, I don’t really mind the clutter.

– Except in my room. It drives me nuts in my room. Sadly, that’s where it’s worst.

– I once read about a person who finally cleaned out her car after a long, long time, and who found a dead bird’s wing on the floor of the passenger seat. I love that story. No matter how messy my car gets I always think to myself “at least there isn’t a dismembered bird in here.”

– I clearly have very low standards…

– Some days I’m happy to let my husband go out to a concert or to a ball game in the evening. And it’s not because I relish the alone time. It’s so for once I won’t have to feel guilty about working all evening and ignoring him.

– Then he gets home from the ball game, I’m still working, and he still manages to go to bed before me.

– I never win at the guilt game.

– I married the most awesome man in the world.

– I know that’s not a confession, but I can hear him chat with the girls while he feeds them their dinner and I’m in here blogging. He’s telling them he already put out their clean pajamas. And really, does it get better than this?

– I sometimes blog/twitter/IM while the girls are both at home and awake. It’s hard to unplug.

– All week I have been procrastinating on an important assigment. I have to watch a TV show and write up a review. I love TV. In fact I watch an insane amount of TV. And yet, I have not done this assignment. I have in fact, avoided watching the right kinds of shows. I do not understand this.

– I watch way too much Disney Channel. Some might say I have an odd obsession. No, my kids do not watch it with me. It’s a problem. Also, these are not the shows I’m supposed to be reviewing.

– I watched the Wizards of Waverly Place movie…. and I…. cried. I’m pathetic.

– I often wonder if I made the right career move and I sometimes fantasize about going back to a 9-5 assistant type job where I could punch the clock, do my work, and go home. Then I realize I’d probably still be up all night blogging and I come to my senses.

There. Not so bad, right? I’m sure if I dig deep I could find worse, but, eh, who wants to do that?

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3 responses

  • my hubby was excited when our notebook was fixed, as we had bought a netbook in the meantime. so now he sits across the room surfing and finding stuff to entertain him on the netbook because i am always working/blogging/reviewing all evening and ignore him too!

  • All in all, very funny.

    As for a messy house, well ours is kind of tidy (except for this office–blame the hubs), but like one of my friends said once, “We LIVE in our house. It’s meant to be messy.”

    Hm, good point.

  • I cleaned out my car over the summer, and there were dated papers in there from May of 2004. Plus food products that could have been from anywhere in the intervening period. But now I can tell myself, “At least I didn’t have a dismembered bird in there.” Thanks!

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