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Catching up on Gratitude

standard September 2, 2009 2 responses

I haven’t been slacking on the Gratitude Challenge. Honest.

OK. Maybe that’s a bit of a lie.

I’ve been grateful. I’ve made a point of taking time to stop and notice the good things in my life. I’ve even done my best to be grateful when things aren’t going as well as they could, the kids are cranky, or when I’m feeling less than chipper about everything.

But I haven’t been the best about following the 21 day Gratitude Challenge calendar that we were given.

It wasn’t my intent. I wanted to follow day by day. It’s just that between the back and forth from West Coast to East Coast and back I think I lost a couple of days. I definitely lost a lot of sleep. In any case I got confused about what day we were on… and then I completely lost track.

Which isn’t to say that I haven’t…

Sent thank you notes to 5 people who deserve some recognition.
Well… the notes are in my bag. And I have them worded out in my head. I just need to actually write and send them. It’s in the works. (Also, my Tiny Prints thank you notes are gorgeous. And classy. And I love them. Maybe that’s why I haven’t sent them yet…)

Enjoyed the people around me.
In fact, I said to my husband today, while he sat at the kitchen table with me “working” from home, that I was grateful to have him home with me. Despite the fact that he was snarfing my snacks and humming show tunes. He’s my best friend. We don’t get to spend that kind of quality time together nearly often enough. Yes. Even though he ate my Reeses Pieces.

Tried to see the the world through the eyes of a child.
I live with two children. Both who share their vision of the world with me daily. It’s a beautiful world, full of marvel and surprises. I love being reminded that a visit from the neighbor’s cat is awe inspiring. Or that a morning spent playing with Play-Doh is the best thing on earth.

Took time to focus on me! Me! Me!
I’m a hero. I’m a good person, a great friend, a good mom, and a supportive wife. Every day I appreciate myself more and more. And yes, I still get caught in the “I’m a terrible person” spiral some days, but I’m proud to say that those days are fewer and father apart.

Stood in front of the mirror and focused on five things I love about me.
I once attended a Weight Watchers meeting where someone was handing out a “No Disparagement Zone” door knob hangers. I might not have actually put it on the door to my bathroom, but it’s there… virtually. So for years my bathroom navel gazing has had a positive spin. I love my hair, my legs don’t look half bad, I love my lightly made-up face, and if I’m honest the bare face is lovely too. My red toes always make me smile. And yes, my belly pouches a bit, but that’s because it lovingly carried the two ruffians who beat down that bathroom door every morning.

Not so bad all in all! I’m only behind on four of the Challenges. I’ll catch up. Or stay after. I’m not too worried. I mean, it’s not like I’m going to stop working on staying grateful for all the little things when the official Gratitude Challenge ends. Right?

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2 responses

  • I am always hesistant of things that I have to do every day. I’m just too much of an otter to do so.

    Love your comment about thank yous, that’s something I always try to do (so i keep them handy, but not in my purse).

    This summer I wrote a post about being grateful for my body being healthy (I have had an mild, but still ugly eating disorder and have been very hard on it), and I decided I was going to appreciate it.

    I then gained seven pounds! So a balance is needed there.

    But I’m still grateful. 🙂

    Sometimes, when I feel the most bummed/negative about life, God “shakes me by the shoulders” (as I call it), and says “LOOK at what you have.”

    It’s a lot of good around me.

    Happy day!

  • At the beginning of the Challenge I resolved to post about each day’s challenge, every day… but I’ve skipped a day or two. Or three or four. But like you, that’s not to say that I haven’t done the challenge! Or stopped looking for things to be grateful for each and every day!

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