Apples and honey for a sweet new year

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The waitress brought the desert menu and we glanced at the lavish offerings. She came back a few minutes later to take our order, expecting us to order a chocolate mousse, an apple pie, or any of the other sweets that we had enjoyed on the first few nights of our honeymoon cruise.

“We really just want a couple of apples and some honey, please. We know it’s not on the menu, but maybe you could pull a few strings for us?” I beamed up at her.
“Apples? And honey?” She gestured towards the menu. “Really? Nothing else? Was it not good last night?”
“No! No! It was wonderful! Delicious! That pie… that mousse… mmm. But it’s Rosh Hashana, the Jewish new year. Apples and honey are a traditional part of it. We eat them to symbolize the sweetness of the year to come.”
“Oh!” Relief crossed her face. “That’s just lovely! I like that! I’ll bring some out. And for you newlyweds I’ll also bring some pie and some chocolate mouse. For some extra sweetness.” She winked.
This time relief crossed M’s face and I laughed. She smiled at us brightly and bustled off towards the kitchen.

True to her word she brought our apples, honey, and a few extra deserts. As she put everything on the table she told us that she and the rest of the staff were also going to have some apples and honey that night, so they could all have some sweetness in their year.

We dipped our slices of apples in the honey and toasted what lay ahead: a sweet new year and a sweet new life together.

Happy New Year to all who are celebrating the new year this weekend. May your year be sweet and wonderful. And to everyone else, may your year be equally sweet and wonderful. No reason we can’t all have some of that.

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