A change in the air

standard September 8, 2009 2 responses

Yesterday afternoon we sat, in our bathing suits, making sand castles, sand patties, sand cookies, and sand tunnels. We dipped our toes in the frigid Pacific and took in the sun. We laughed at the sea lions calling to each other and looked with awe at the pelicans dive fishing with uncanny precision.

It was a day at the beach. A day like so many others we’ve enjoyed this summer.

It ended in a warm shower, sand flowing down the drain.

Today there was more fun in the sun. More play in the sand. It was warm and lovely. Another perfect summer day.

But when we pulled into the driveway tonight and opened the doors a cold wind nipped at our bare legs. When I put the girls in their pajamas I chose warm fuzzy ones and I hurried to shut the window that has been propped open for two months. I left their room and sidestepped the fan that has kept their room cool all summer. We don’t need it tonight.

C starts school on Wednesday.

Summer is over. The start of school was a hint. The change in weather confirmed it.

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2 responses

  • What a lovely way to say goodbye to summer break. I’m jealous of your nice weather since we had cold rain for our last summer days. It was really different. I feel like we didn’t get to say goodbye. And even though it’s predicted to be sunny and warm again next weekend, it’s just not the same. There’s something special about those warm summer nights leading up to the first day of school. I’m glad you were able to enjoy them.

  • It was 41 here one morning last week! It was still August!

    Your post was lyrical, but don’t tell this Illinoisan about cold!

    Sorry, I just had to be a it’s-so-cold-here-you’re-in-CA-what-do-you -know-of-cold-snob for a moment. It’s not my true self.

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