Winding down and driving up

standard August 21, 2009 1 response

Tomorrow, sometime after breakfast, I’m going to pack up our suitcase, load up the girls, and turn the Toyota Yaris that we rented back towards DC. We’ll be saying a fond farewell to the North Carolina Outer Banks and hightailing it out of here before Hurricane Billy makes himself known.

One last short night visiting with friends we see all too rarely and then we’re jumping on a couple planes and going home.

This was an unexpected and very last minute vacation that the girls and I have unbelievably enjoyed. Tomorrow when we wave bye bye to the Atlantic Ocean and to our family I have no doubt more than a couple tears will be shed, and they won’t all be coming from the back seat of the car.

At least we know that we’ll be seeing everyone again in just a few short months. Christmas is coming soon, right?

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1 response

  • Cute pic! Glad you had a good time and safe travels home.

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