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Up up and away… with stickers on the tray

standard August 14, 2009 2 responses

Tomorrow night I’m going to wrangle my two darling children, two carry-ons, a stroller, two car seats, and a or two suitcase onto a plane. Actually onto two planes.

We’re heading East to spend a week frolicking in the Northern Carolina surf with my sister and her family. I keep trying to explain to C that this is a special ocean, one we can actually swim in, but I don’t think she quite grasps the concept. You see, up here in the Pacific you can’t really swim. I mean, you can, if you’re impervious to very very cold water, but we’re not, so we don’t tend to go in past our ankles.

But out there on the Outer Banks of Northern Carolina where torrid temperatures await us, I think we’ll be spending lots and lots of time in the water, way past our ankles and even our waists. Even better we’re going to be spending a week having fun with cousins we usually only see once a year. I’m going to have the pleasure of watching Little L interact with her cousins like never before.

You know, if I survive the flight there.

I’ve purchased a few sticker/coloring books and invested a small fortune in some Crayola Color Wonder papers and pens. I’m bringing crayons and books. I have three movies that I can play on my laptop and I’ve packed enough snacks to feed the entire plane. I’m secretly hoping that now that I have purchased enough things to keep the girls entertained for hours they will retaliate by falling asleep as soon as we board, but I’m a seasoned mom and an even more seasoned traveler and I know that is just as unlikely as us being upgraded to First Class.

So if you’re on a United flight from SFO to LAX and then to Dulles tomorrow night and two little girls insist on covering you in Fancy Nancy and Curious George stickers, forgive me, I’m just a mom trying to show her little girls that sometimes you can swim in the ocean without getting frostbite.

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2 responses

  • Oh good luck! We haven’t taken the step to fly with our toddler and baby yet, but we will this December. I hope it goes well for you! Please give us clues on how to manage bringing two carseats onto a plane. I’m baffled how we’ll do that while watching our two little ones.

  • Good luck! I hope the trip is great. 🙂

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