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The secret to making money from your blog

standard August 7, 2009 7 responses

So the natural continuation of the post I wrote yesterday is the answer to the question that is on everyone’s mind.

How do you make money from your blog?

Well here’s the answer my friends. And don’t forget to say that you heard it here.

You can’t make money from your blog.

OK. Fine. Maybe that’s a hair harsh. I mean sure, some people do make enough money to pay the mortgage on their house by the beach. Sure. And some others make enough to support their expensive coffee habit. So yes. There is some money to be made blogging.

But let’s be really and truly honest here. There’s very little money to be made blogging and if you’re in it for the money you’re not going to be making any.

Here are the key 4 things that make it possible to earn a living blogging:

1) You have to be a phenomenal writer.
Awesome. Amazing. Inspiring. Really truly great.
That means flawless grammar and spelling. Because yes, it counts.

2) You have t0 be well connected.
Yes, that really does matter. You have to know people who are going to want to share what you write with people they know. And it helps if you know a lot of those people.

3) You have to have a niche or a thing.
If you can picture your specific topic being turned into a coffee table book, you have a niche. If not you don’t. It’s that simple. And if your topic has already been turned into 50 coffee table books, then go find another idea.
Don’t have a specific topic idea? Can’t think of a niche? Then you better have an unusual story or an interesting twist on a more common one. People will tune in often to read about your 8 children, your child with special needs, your struggle to overcome a hardship, the house you’re building for Habitat for Humanity, or whatever else that makes your story unique. They don’t really want to be reading about their own lives.

4) You have to have passion.
You have to believe in what you’re writing. Don’t just pick something because you think people will care. If you don’t care too we’ll hear it in your writing. And trust me, it’s hard to sustain a regular posting schedule when you really don’t care about the topic.
Yes, financial health is a very topical issue, but if it bores you to tears do you really want to write about it three times a week?

Blogging for money is hard, hard work. It’s not easy money. It’s not a dance-your-way-to-the-bank kind of job. It’s work. Pure, hard, sweaty work. The people who are making a living blogging get up early every day and work hard into every night. They work when they’re sick, when their kids are sick, and more often than not when they’re on vacation. They don’t mind because they’re passionate about what they do.

And here’s the real secret. They also don’t mind because they’re not in it for the money. The talent and the passion came first. The money came second. And I’m willing to bet that they’d keep doing it if the money went away.

Please don’t forget that this is a post about making money blogging. Not about blogging for the sake of blogging. This is not about the “right” way to blog. There is no “right” way to blog.

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7 responses

  • Well written. I agree that in order to truly make money with your blog you have to get your blog up and running it has to unique in that someone takes it and runs with it. Which goes back to your note about having connections – you need to know the right people.

    I will argue that occasionally a blogger may fall into meeting one person and everything unfolds for them and there comes the money, but it is rare.

    No matter what, if you are blogging to make money you must first be blogging to love blogging. Passion can be heard in your written and without it – no money will ever come in and if it does well it just may pay for your coffee habit but nothing else.

    Good job, I enjoyed reading this!

  • Still not sure we are on the same side but…..like always u made me think. Honestly, there is the ocassional coffee book that can still be about coffee but comes from a different perspective. One other then a coffee drinker But perhaps a coffee bean grower and that the pages aren’t actually made out of paper but coffee beans themselves lol. That would be THE ONE I would want to buy. Even though there is a million other coffee table books out there there is still that chance that yours may smell like coffee and wake someone up.

  • I agree with the passion. You have to have it. I am trying my best at the moment working full time and don’t get much time writing my own posts. I love writing and always will!

  • I never even considered this as a money making venture, but I have made friends, and that’s so much better! (Corny as all get out, but so true.)

  • hmmmmm…. well written but ………

    Here is the “but” It helps if your write well, however, I know of several bloggers for whom English is a second language, they blog in English and are making more than latte maoney. One of these rare individuals lives in the same city that I do and he makes a cool half mil a year and growing. I can guarantee you that he does not blog from day break and late into the night.

    Starting to blog because you are passionate about a topic (or about blogging?) of and on its own accord will not deliver you sack fulls of dough.

    If your intention is to just blog, well and fine. But if you want to make some money at blogging, then you need to treat it like a business and therein lies the difference.

    Too many people are led to believe that if they do what they love the money will come … it is far more complex than that in everything one does, and if you want to make money then you have to follow the principles of business … most people don’t, that is why their “passion” never delivers the money they are hoping for and then, when it does not arrive dismiss it by saying that they are doing what they do for the love of it (does not apply just to blogging.

    There is money in blogging. You do need to work at it. You need to continuously learn how to drive traffic, how to develop a list, how to market to your list, how to convert ……….and so much more.

    I would encourage your readers to tip their toe into the blogging world and learn on the job, applying what they learn.

  • posted the above under yuppypuppy but my puppy is taking a long nap … reposting with my current active signature.

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