The secret behind 7 years of marital harmony

standard August 26, 2009 9 responses

The fancy restaurant reservation was made. The babysitter was lined up. Everything was set for a romantic, memorable, 7th wedding anniversary.

Then last night, over nasty, greasy pizza, I looked at M and said, “You know what I really want to do tomorrow night? I really, really just want to go see a movie and have a low key dinner with you.”

“Oh my god! Me too! That’s exactly what I want to do!” M beamed at me, delighted that we were on the exact same page.

I canceled the froufrou restaurant.

We’re going to see District 9 and we’re getting some decent and cheap Italian food.

I can’t wait.

Who needs fancy when you’re going out with your best friend?

We have the secret to marital bliss and harmony: love and want the same things. Which I guess is easier said than done.

World’s worst wedding picture EVAH.
Sadly, it’s the only one we have.
Cuz we never got our pictures printed.
But we danced the horrah!
And we were carried on chairs.
Which I think is supposed to be all about long marriages etc.
Or breaking your friend’s backs. Something like that.

And a gratuitous family shot.
To prove that I didn’t look horrible or nutty all day long.
(Also, that baby started THIRD GRADE today. WTF?)

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