The full sorbet experience

standard August 28, 2009 5 responses

A few weeks back I posted a gushing review on The Lemonade Stand for Jolly Llama sorbets. The review had everything, info, opinions, stats… the works. All it was missing was a few “in action” shots. I saved those for here. You’re welcome.

First you squeeeeeeeze the sorbet up.
Then you pose for the camera.
But you have to move to make it blurry.
Whatever, it’s totally daddy’s goatee so it’s staying up.
Even if it looks like the after effect of a nasty nosebleed.
Then you have a little dance.
Because sorbet is oh, so gooood.
Then you get back to work eating.
Serious business this sorbet stuff.
And serious messes too.
But a girl’s gotta do,
what a girl’s gotta do,
to get her anti-oxidants.

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