Of flies and gratitude

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At random moments of the day I’ve stopped and really taken note of where I am, who I’m with, what we’re doing. I’ve put down my book and watched the girls play with their cousins. I’ve laughed at some of Little L’s antics in the pool, or at C holding court on some topic or another. (She explained in detail to her cousin which of the X-Men was which. How she knows is beyond me, but the pride I felt knew no bounds.)

This act of appreciating the small moments has nothing to do with the Gratitude Challenge task of the day*, but I have to admit that it’s definitely thanks to the challenge that I have been trying to be more mindful. These moments are so fleeting and it would be all too easy to get sucked into the minutia of caring for the kids while on vacation – the naps, the snacks, the bathing suits, the sunscreen, etc…

Despite all this mindfulness I still needed help catching a classic language confusion moment today.

The flies here are pretty brutal. They wait a nanosecond before descending on whatever food you’re eating and if they don’t like how it tastes they take chunks out of you instead. Needless to say one of us snapped today and bought a nice big purple fly swatter.

C picked it up and turned it over and over again. She looked up at me, a very confused look on her face, and asked, “But mama, where do the flies drink?”

I shrugged it off as just another random preschooler question and didn’t think any more of it until hours later when I shared the odd comment with one of the other grown-ups.

“I don’t have a clue where she got that.” I said, shrugging again.

He looked at me, smile tugging at his face. “Really? You don’t see it?”

“No. What?”

“She thought you said fly’s water, not fly swatter.”

It’s hours later and I’m still chuckling.

* I’m losing track of the days (darn vacation), but I’m pretty sure the latest two Gratitude Challenges have been to a) journal a short message of thanks for some of the negative things in our lives and b) journal a short message taking note of the wonderful things that are already in our lives, rather than pining for the the things we don’t yet have. I’m journaling (in my head at least…), have at it!

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