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A birthday for a two-year-old

standard August 3, 2009 6 responses

On Friday, despite my intense denial about the whole event, my sweet little baby, the one who just yesterday was the same size as her sister’s dolls, turned two. Yes. TWO. As in, 24 months old. Which means I haven’t slept well in a lot longer than I thought.
Wait. No. It also means that she’s been gracing us with her presence and her smiles for two wonderful years now. And, even though there’s still little sleep, we wouldn’t trade her in for any other model.

Friday dawned bright and early with C waking her baby sister with a sweetly, and cheerily, sung Happy Birthday. I was a tad annoyed that it was only 6:50, but it was hard to be really mad – she was just so excited about her sister’s birthday. (And I’m sure it had nothing to do with presents and all… heh.)
Because I’ve been a bit obsessed with prepping for BlogHer and a couple other projects I’m working on, I completely blanked on planning a party for Little L. And then the creeping crud cold from Hell took over my brain and I was unable to even throw a last minute shindig together. So I did what any mother desperate for a memorable birthday would do. I went with the crazy commercial answer to my problem.

I packed up both girls on Thursday and went to Target where I managed to purchase a couple birthday presents on the sly. Then on Friday morning I packed them up again and took them to the mall for a dazzling morning at The Build-A-Bear Factory followed with a fun lunch at the food court.What can I say? It’s a good thing 2 and 4 year-olds are easy to please.

After a rather short nap we spent the whole afternoon baking cupcakes and cookies, which we fed to some very close family friends later that evening after Little L blew out her candle. Rumor has it that her daddy blew it out… I don’t believe it.
She never did eat that cupcake. The candy, yes. The cake? Not so much.

I tucked both exhausted girls into their beds with their new stuffed animals snug in their arms. I kissed them both gently and looked at them carefully. If I squint a bit I can almost see a trace of the baby C used to be in the corners of her eyes and her smile. It’s easier to spot in Little L’s cheeks and the crook of her neck. You know, even though she’s two now.

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6 responses

  • I’ve been wondering how you celebrated! Build a Bear was a great idea.

    Gosh, I wish you weren’t so hard on yourself. There’s no Mom mold you are meant to fit into. We all do things that we think are going to scar our kids childhoods, and then they grow up and don’t even remember. Trust me. I ask Mac all the time, “Do you remember when I…? Nope.

    It’s funny, I hate my curly hair (I’m having a bad hair life), but I love your daughters’.

    Just think, she’s 2, so you’ll get sleep in about three more years…

  • Jessica, this is so exciting for me to read, because my older daughter just turned two and in two years my baby will turn two and I am so excited to see my two girls become closer. Your post and photos are terrific! Thanks for making my day!

  • Wow, two years already???? Where had that time flown?? I think you did the perfect birthday celebration and it looks like they were both super happy and delighted.

    You know, I am beginning to think the whole elaborate birthday parties for kids thins is terribly overdone. I remember when my son turned one, I had 2 back to back parties because our place was small. One for work friends and one for other friends. That meant 2 days of cooking and cleaning and hosting. He was turning 1! I went to one bday party for a 1 year old that was catered and held in a large hall with hired entertainment.

    Now with my baby girl only 5 months away from the big 1st birthday I am thinking cake and neighbors at our house – no gift bags, no entertainment, just some good old fashioned cake, maybe with some baloons and streamers.

    BTW – the girls are gorgeous!

  • Nicely done, mommy.

  • So much yummy cuteness! Those curls! Those chubby arms! Oscar is only 6 months old and I can’t believe how fast time goes by.

  • Happy birthday to your little cutie. 🙂

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