Weekly Winners – Finger painting fun!

standard July 19, 2009 6 responses

It started with an innocent enough request for paint. What could be better on a warm Saturday morning with no plans and no obligations?

Well, knowing the kind of mess that painting usually leads to I can think of many things that would have been better, but the girls looked at me with such hope and longing in their eyes that I conceded.

It started out neatly enough. Two girls, two paint brushes, two palettes, and two sheets of paper. What followed was so perfect that I grabbed my camera and scored my Weekly Winners shots for the week.

I bring you… Finger painting fun.

First it’s just one hesitant finger…
A couple more fingers join in the fun.
And the true potential of the medium dawns on the artist.
Her sister takes this painting stuff much more solemnly.
So Little L tries a paintbrush too.
But she didn’t quite grasp the point.
It does look like fun, so C throws caution to the wind and joins in.
She’s not quite convinced…
A second later and she’s right on board.
Sticky high fives all around!
Once the concept of paintbrush has been discarded,
it’s only a moment before the paper is forgotten too.
But it’s hard to be mad…
she’s just too happy.

Happy weekend everyone! Be sure to visit the other Weekly Winners participants to see other great pictures.

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