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Today in bullets. Because I suck.

standard July 31, 2009 5 responses

Things I have done today.
– blown my nose a million and one times.
– lamented the itchy, scratchy, painful skin under my nose.
– let my kids watch way too much TV while I lay on the couch waiting for some energy to miraculously appear out of nowhere.
– lamented the fact that the Charlotte’s Web movie that we checked out was not the original movie, but the remake.
– lost over an hour of my day watching Charlotte’s Web.
– blown my nose another million and one times.
– met a couple deadlines. Yay!
– cooked my husband and children a home cooked meal.
– realized that my baby will be 2 tomorrow.
– rushed both girls to Target at the end of the day to buy some presents for a certain almost 2-year-old.
– Panicked about how to make her birthday special despite a complete and utter lack of planning on my part.
– marveled at how lucky I am that my girls get along so well and love playing with each other so much.

Things I have note done today.
– bought lotion soft tissues for my poor irritated nose.
– met the rest of my deadlines. Boo!
– any laundry whatsoever.
– wrapped my daughter’s presents.
– spent more than 3 minutes talking to my husband.
– replied to a bunch of important and time sensitive emails.
– spent nearly enough time cuddling and loving on my daughters.

Thing I will not be doing today.
– going to bed nice and early so that I can recover from this cold and make my baby’s birthday super special.

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5 responses

  • Happy birthday to your baby girl!
    Hope you’re feeling better and that you all have a fabulous day!
    What an age.

  • Wow. You suck. JUST KIDDING! 🙂

    Hey – at least you served a homecooked meal! I let my mother in law make our dinner.

    I took her to The Ugly Truth yesterday. OMG TOTALLY inappropriate movie to being a mother in law to, in case you were wondering.

    My baby girl (the older one, who is 11) gets braces today. I’m freaking out. I remember her growing her first tooth!

    Feel better. You can’t actually suck if you have so many friends. 🙂

  • Don’t be so hard on yourself, you don’t suck, you blow.

  • Happy birthday to your girl! And you don’t suck 🙂 That sounds like every single day of mine.

  • It sounds familiar to me too – don’t beat yourself up over it. I hope you feel better soon, and I hope your baby girl has a happy birthday!

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