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Super Why is Super Cool!

standard July 1, 2009 3 responses

“Supah why! Supah why! On da TV Mama!” She begs for it every day. It’s a show that teaches reading and writing and she isn’t even two yet, but she begs for it every day.

To be fair, C, who is the perfect age for the show loves it too. And she’s actually learning things when she watches, which is great.

Two weeks ago if you had asked me, I would have told you that it was an “eihn” show. It was OK, the girls liked it and it met the educational level I look for in the shows they watch. But I just couldn’t get into it. There was all this switching of characters, jumping from one world to the next, jumping back, and taboo of all taboos in my book, changing words around in books.

Then I went to a special Super Why presentation hosted by PBS and the creators of the show and I learned that the characters transform into super heroes when they dive into books because preschoolers feel like superheros when they first learn to read. I learned that they fly from one world to the next, because duh, diving into a book feels like changing worlds. And I learned that they change words in books because reading is all about power and words are the key to that power.

Each Super Why episode poses a problem that any preschooler can relate to – a baby sister that won’t stop crying or a parent who is too busy to help, then takes the viewer on a journey into a book to find the solution. They jump into little spaceships and shout something about always finding the answer in a book. The reader, the writer, and the avid book buyer in me loves that part.

Super Why is a PBS show created by the same person who created Blues Clues, another old family favorite. That’s the show that taught C all about colors and shapes, about mail and yes even a bit about friendship and new siblings. It was a great show and now that she’s outgrown it I’m delighted to find some of the same great thinking is behind their new favorite show.

Tomorrow when the usual litany starts up I’ll be switching the channel to KQED, our local PBS station, and who knows, I might just start singing along when they fly into a book.

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3 responses

  • Sounds like a cute show. Oy, I feel so old!

  • Grace just kind of ‘eh’ likes that show.. but Cate!! OH! She just LUVS that show! She shouts Why! Why! I think she thinks his name is Why and not Wyatt (I think it’s Wyatt…hmm). PS, voted for you this a.m., Good luck!

  • LM and I try to do the dance they do to “hip hip horay, the super readers save the day!” – very aerobic!

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