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I did it. I finished the first draft.

standard July 10, 2009 9 responses

I didn’t type ‘The End’ because it still needs more work. The end has definitely not been reached. But in my head, and on Twitter, I shouted DONE!!!

Yes, all caps and with multiple exclamation points.

Because the first draft is done. And that’s a pretty damn impressive accomplishment if I may say so.

Done. Done. Done.

Done. Saved. And printed. Because I had to see it all printed out to really believe it. And because it’ll be easier to start the review and edit process. And I can use the pretty pens that I bought when I was at Office Depot printing out the first draft of my novel.

I find it hard to fathom that I managed to reach deep down enough to be able to write a whole book. 266 page of my prose, my story. A story that still needs work, but a story with good strong bones.

I never thought I’d have en endurance and the perseverance needed to push past the many hurdles I encountered along the way – not the least of which was the constant fear of digging deep enough to write the harder, more conflicted scenes. If I’m really honest, I thought it would end up like the last couple novels I attempted – barely started, hidden in some deep file folder in my computer, nagging at me at odd moments of the day and night.

But no. There it sits in it’s generic Office Depot box. Proof that I can sit down and go from start to finish. I have a vague notion of what needs to be fixed, altered, added – a mental list created before a single reread. I have sheets of notes taken along the way that I want to make sure are incorporated. Months of work waiting to be done. A whole other marathon of endurance waiting to be started.

Now that it’s printed and snug in its box a part of me wants to say “Phew. Let’s leave it there. Let’s move on to the next undoubtedly better one.” But another part of me, a small but very vocal part, is hopping up and down squeaking, “But what if it is good? Or at the very least better than you think? Doesn’t this one deserve some editing attention? Doesn’t all that time invested in a dream deserve to be honored?”

I’m listening to that little voice and the call of the pretty new pens. In a week or so I’m going to crack that box open and start reading on page one. I won’t stop until I get to page 266 and colorful notations cover each page.

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9 responses

  • Get moving with those pretty pens!

    Well done!

  • Congratulations! You’ve done what a lot of people (including myself) only dream of doing. Getting a whole draft done, no matter how much work it needs, is the hardest part. YOU WROTE A NOVEL!!! I just put some novel-writing resources on my blog, so come by and check it out.

  • w00t! Congrats again. How wonderful! You DID it. You always have that to your credit. You finished a novel (or draft).

    I have a few manuscripts I started (under 10k words) but I never could go back to them. So, they are just sitting on my hard drive LOL. It’s tough for me to determine if I just leave them alone or start anew.

    Other writers have told me they also let their novels sit for awhile, to breathe and then come back to them. I bet after the week you crack open the box and dig right in 🙂

  • AWE-SOME!!!

    Since I don’t have a story in me I’m very impressed. Now you really have something to celebrate in Chicago!

  • Let me know when you want a pair of fresh eyes at all! I’d be happy to be a guinea pig for ya!

    I’m in AWE of you right now! What a huge accomplishment. I’ve got tons of little ideas weaving around in my head but I can’t seem to get to a place where I can put them down.. so I know it must have been hard, especially with two little ones around. Congratulations and I’ll be the first to put the pre-order in to Amazon!

  • Congrats!!! I always knew you could do it!

  • You go girl! (how cliche, but I’m behind the times I guess).

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