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BlogHer – Home safe and sound, if a tad tired, to say the least

standard July 27, 2009 11 responses

I have so much to say and so much to think about, but it’s so hard to think straight after days of short nights, endless chatting, and uh, yeah, maybe more beers and wine than I’m used to drinking.

I’m hoarse. I’m tired. I’m a bit bleary eyed. But I’m also thrilled and filled with stories and insights I want to share. Only, you know, I’m exhausted and a bit cross-eyed, so it might have to wait a day or so.

I really want to tell you about

  • how much BlogHer has changed, even in the course of the last year.
  • how brutal it is to not be able to rely on technology. Especially when you need to rely on technology.
  • how phenomenal and interesting it is to finally be face to face with people you’ve been virtually acquainted with for months.
  • how horrible and grabby and mean a large group of women can be.
  • how supportive and awesome and loving a large group of women can be.
  • my take on the swag* debacle.
  • how happy I am to be exactly in the space/place I’m in.
  • how much I relish being recognized,
  • my take on the “mommy bloggers marginalize other blogging communities” debate.
  • my hopes and goals for for coming year. Which doesn’t really have anything to do with BlogHer, but lots to do with the fact that I’m nearing the 1 year anniversary of leaving the 9-5 world.
  • Oh, yeah, what I learned.
  • so much more… but I can barely keep my eyes open, so instead I’m going to leave you with this picture, which kind of sums up a lot. And I’ll be back with the rest tomorrow.

Unicorns are magical creatures who fill everyone with wonder, awe, and a bit of fear.
Strange myths surround them. And maybe a lot of misinformation.
Kinda like bloggers.
Except for the cake part.
Bloggers aren’t made of cake.

*For the uninitiated – swag = free promotional stuff given out at conferences and events.

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11 responses

  • I love that the unicorn is looking back at where his butt used to be, seeming to long for a time when he was whole.

    I LOVED getting to hang out with you on both flights, and I think it would be great fun to get together for coffee once in a while too (though I know we’re both very busy people). 🙂

  • Since we met on the WAY to BlogHer but never got to chat afterwards, eager to hear what you thought about it and compare notes. I’m still in the Midwest, and feel the same way, exhausted and needing to digest before writing.

  • Great to see you again, as always!

  • Hey I stumbled here on a search and love your voice! I did not get to go to BlogHer 🙁 but love to read about it. Nope, bloggers aren’t mystical creatures, we just play ones online.

  • That unicorn disturbs me. Can’t wait to hear all the details from your trip….welcome home 🙂

  • Oh I cannot wait to hear more!! This is my first visit to your blog and I love it. That poor, poor Unicorn!

  • But why aren’t there any Blog Conferences in Austin, Texas?!

  • Hey Jessica, Glad I met you on the way in. Smart post. You’ve hit a lot of what I was feeling but am too damn exhausted to articulate. Can’t wait to read your thoughts on all of them. Oh, and also, I just realized, I think you were one of the first people I found online when I started blogging in Jan 08. Had you just had a baby then? We spoke for a while and then lost touch. (I think.) Thought it was funny when I made the connection. Anyway, it was nice to meet you! info@merlotmom.com

  • The cake looks beautiful and I can’t wait to hear your take on BlogHer and some things you have learned. Get some sleep, and I hope to read more blog posts when you wake up 🙂

    Happy Tuesday,

  • I can’t believe no one yelled “I want the horn, gimme the horn to eat!” like a kid wanting one of the frosting roses. (aka that is what I would have done!) I don’t think I shall ever get to a Bloghger conference but am really interested to hear what you have to say.

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