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BlogHer ’09 Day -1

standard July 24, 2009 3 responses

After getting up at the crack of pre-dawn this morning, getting to the airport, possibly, maybe, I’m not saying, cutting in front of a million coffee hungry people in the Starbucks line, I met up with one kick ass tweeter at the airport gate and a couple awesome bloggers in the plane.

We arrived in Chicago in record time and then took almost as long to get to the airport. But that was so fine because it was all chatter all the way.

I’ve met so many fun faces and seen so many new people. It’s been just a taste of the rest of the weekend.

There’s been some major ugliness in regards to swag hording and grabbing. Stuff that has soured many BlogHers and shed some unflattering light on others. But I have to say that, as I sit in my hotel room chatting with my sister and no swag in sight, I’m fine with it. This weekend isn’t about swag and hyper promotion, it’s about the people, the bloggers, and the community. We just have to keep reminding ourselves of that.

Tomorrow more shmoozing and lots and lots and lots of live blogging! Stay tuned!

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3 responses