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A big pizza pie… that’s amore

standard July 30, 2009 4 responses

I’m not sure when it happened, but all of a sudden dinner with the girls is less about damage control and more about actual chatting and eating. Until now we had usually restricted evening dining as a family to the occasional dinner out or the even more occasional dinner in with friends.

It bothered me that we weren’t eating with them every day. I mean, every study hints that if you don’t have dinner as a family your kids become serial killers or something equally dire. The girls have breakfast with M every morning, but the dinner thing irked me.

Now that they’ve matured a bit beyond the wild animal stage we’re actually entertaining the thought of having family dinner night a couple nights a week. We started tonight and I roped in the girls to help me make it.

To the strains of a very hoarsely sung (my voice isn’t quite back yet) When the Moon Hits the Sky, Like a Big Pizza Pie… That’s Amore… we made a pizza. Which we decorated with all the basil I was able to salvage from the girl’s basil eating contest. Which is only ironic because I had to pick the cooked basil off their pizza. But whatever…

Mmm. Sauce.
That mommy had to skim off because there was so much of it.
Mmmm cheese.
Lots and lots of cheese.
There was no need to skim.
Look at that pride!
I could eat that for dinner.
Two little girls and their pizza pie.
And then we skip to the post dinner book reading.
Because when the pizza came out of the oven we devoured it.

Happy Love Thursday my friends. May your day be filled with warm pizza and sweet babies in pajamas.

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4 responses

  • Oh, wow, they’re adorable! I can’t believe I read your tweets every day and I’m not over here nearly often enough. I’ll fix that, I promise!

    It was GREAT to meet you in person at BlogHer! I could have talked with you all weekend!

  • I love it! We’re lucky because we have dinner together most nights, but it’s not the super pleasant experience yet.. But I do recognize it’s importance.

  • Nice T-Shirt, Lucie! I could swear that your sister used to fit into that. And that we bought that tshirt HERE when you were still in your mommy’s womb. Wow.

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