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Turns out we need a whole new kind of scale

standard June 2, 2009 7 responses

After my rant on numbers yesterday I got emails and comments and tweets from lots of women who empathized with me. Seems we all have the same painful issues with numbers in our lives.

Then Genevieve* came up with the best idea ever. A different scale. A way to measure the good stuff in our days. We spent the morning awarding each other points for being nice, doing good things, thinking positive.

It’s a brilliant idea. Think of all the things you could give yourself positive points for! Instead of berating ourselves for things like the number on the scale or the number in the blog stats we could be earning points for everything else!

So I bring you – The Positive Thinking Scale – yours to adapt as you wish!

  • Crossing something gnarly off the to do list +550 points
  • Crossing something easy off the to do list +125 points
  • Changing a poopy diaper +75 points
  • Smiling at a stranger at the store +515 points
  • Letting someone cut in front of you on the road +56 points
  • Doing something selfish that makes you happy +775 points
  • Doing something nice for your significant other even when you’re tired +235 points
  • Making the right food choice for lunch +150 points
  • Making the right food choice for dinner +325 points
  • Making the tasty food choice for dinner +450 points
  • Taking time to cheer a friend up +1000 points
  • Going out of your way to be a good friend +590 points
  • Going out of your way to help a complete stranger +675 points
  • Keeping the laundry tamed +1500 points
  • Thinking something positive when you look in the mirror +990 points
  • Leaving a blog comment +15 points
  • Leaving a blog comment on a blog that doesn’t get many comments +35 points

Now we’re talking! I scored a high of 6531 points today! Yay me!

It’s your turn! What positive things do you want to be rewarded for? What did you do today that deserves a pat on the back and a bucketful of positive points? I’m going to keep adding to the tally, keep giving myself points throughout the day, just to offset the depression created by the weight scale and the blog scale.

*Genevieve’s blog is brand spanking new, so be nice pretty please and head over and say hi. I’ll give you 345 points if you do! And she wrote one of the chapters for the Harlequin Pass the Plot story. She’s cool. You can be her friend, but don’t tell her I told you so. k? Thanks.

Voting is open in the big Graco Birdhouse Contest! Click here to check out the competition. To vote you have to become a Graco FaceBook Fan, then you have to leave a comment under the photo of your favorite birdhouse. (Hint: Ours is #15). You know, in case you were wondering…

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7 responses

  • I think that sex when you’re tired counts for a whole lot more than 235 points!! 😉

  • I definitely agree with Sally LOL

  • Oh no, too much mental math (it’s the last week of school and I’m fried!) And I will not change a poopy diaper, even for 10,000 points–but then again there are no diaper-poopers in my life right now.

    However, leaving blog comments…well, that I can do. I had to laugh to see that one listed there.

    Off to facebook to become a fan of products that go along with diaper-poopers. What I won’t do for you!


  • You know what else I like? If you’re down in points, like maybe you ignored your dog when he scratched to get in, get out, get in, get out, get in, get out (you get it) and you’re maybe at -96 for that, you can easily go positive. I especially like the +775 for doing something that you like just for yourself.

    Oh, and the poopy diapers – you can also adjust that one to be picking up after your dog. I had a neighbour who used to do a spring cleanup and clean up EVERYone’s dog poop. I give her like 89,654 points for that.

    And you get 658 points for telling people about my brand new blog. You’re such a coolio. Boo Yah on you.

  • Oh, and I think maybe you were dyslexic on that sex when you’re tired one. You meant 532, not 235.

  • OK ladies (and gents) since you all can’t fathom of doing something nice for your significant other that isn’t of a sexual nature. (sheesh! ;-))
    I’m awarding you +5000 points for sex when you’re tired. Plus a virtual breakfast in bed composed of calorie free bacon, eggs, and french toast!

  • I love it!!!! Now, can you create a little tabulator for our blogs? 🙂

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