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To all the friends and family I really want to visit

standard June 23, 2009 3 responses

I know you’re waiting for us to come visit. I know we’ve been saying we were planning on coming for years.

And we are. Honest!

It’s just…

Well, it’s just that traveling with kids is… is… challenging. Yes, let’s go with challenging.

First you have to pack the entire content of your house into a bag that you can easily handle while carrying a kid, a car seat, and your own stuff while running to catch a plane that you’ve almost missed because you forgot some essential something like a lovey or a bottle.

Then you actually have to get where you’re going. Now flying with a kid or two is not exactly relaxing or fun. Sometimes it involves bodily fluids, but only when you’ve forgotten to pack a change of clothes for yourself.

Once you get to your destination, it’s crazy, but you can’t just expect your children to be as excited as you to be in a fun new place. Nooooo. Kids like routine. Kids like their own home, their own room, their own beds. They don’t usually deal well with strange cribs or, say, time differences. So they don’t sleep well. Or eat well. And they get clingy. And whiny. And they make it very hard to, say, I don’t know, socialize with the friends or family you’ve traveled so far to see.

And all that is on a good trip! On a bad trip you or your kids get sick! Ear infections, stomach bugs, croup, laryngitis – we’ve had them all on trips. And nothing says “I’m thrilled to be here with you” than spending a week moaning on someone’s couch. Unless it’s spending a week crouching over someone’s toilet.

If you don’t get sick and the kids actually cooperate you can possibly enjoy a nice trip. You know, between naps, snacks, and all the other kid related interruptions that will pop up throughout the day.

At the end of it all you have to repeat the crazy packing and traveling rigmarole that you did at the beginning, just to get home where you will finally crash in dire need of a vacation to recover from your vacation. Precious little catch up time will have been enjoyed. Plenty of whining will have been endured.

So please, dear friends and family awaiting our visit, trust me when I say that it’s not you, it’s us. We’re just not ready to commit. We’ll be there soon. You know, once the kids are off to college and we can finally travel in peace.

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3 responses

  • I can totally understand you with the packing and kids falling sick issue during a holiday. We too dread having to pack so many things when we bring the kids over to visit their granny. However it gets easier as the kids get bigger as there are lesser things to pack.

  • Great post – and yes, I think it must get better as they get older.

    I plan to forward this post to MY list of family and friends so that they understand.

    This was one of those posts I could only wish I had written. Great job!

  • I understand this. I haven’t flown in 4 1/2 years.
    Traveled, but not set foot in an airplane

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