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The things that go through my mind all day every day

standard June 24, 2009 6 responses

At any given time during the day the following thoughts rotate again and again and again through my head. Welcome to my madness.

– Probably should pick that up and put it away.

– Darn it. Who left that there so I could trip on it?

– She’s almost two. She’s supposed to be a belligerent hard-headed brat explorer.

– Work, right. Work need to focus and do some work.

– Oh! Twitter! What’s going on on Twitter?

– Mmm. Candy. Do we have any candy? Should I go get some candy?

– When did I last exercise? I should probably do that more often.

– Mmm. Coffee. Darn. Too late for coffee.

– So tired. So very, very tired.

– She’s 4. She’s supposed to… wait, no, she’s not supposed to act like this until she’s 12.

– Dinner. What to make for dinner? Dinner. Dinner.

– How many times have we been to McDonald’s this week?

– Work. Need to work more so we have more money so we can go out to dinner somewhere other than McDs.

– Dinner. What to make for dinner? Dinner. Dinner.

– Oh! Plenty of time before I go get the kids!

– Novel. Novel. Novel. What are these guys supposed to be doing now?

– Why do I even bother? This is no good. No one will want it.

– Just get it out. Just write it down. I can edit it later. I can edit it later.

– Hey! This isn’t half bad.

– Oh, wait. It is.

– Oh! Now this is more like it.

– Damn. Time to go get the kids and I was finally really cranking the words out.

– Dinner. Dinner. Never decided what to make for dinner.

– Seriously, should have picked up at least some of this stuff.

– Wonder what I should blog about tonight.

– Wasn’t I supposed to post something at The Lemonade Stand today? I should probably get on that.

– Wow. It’s late. I should get some sleep at some point.

– Wonder if the kids will sleep through tonight. Doubtful.

– When do they leave for college?

– When do I leave for Chicago?

– Hey! Wonder what’s happening on Twitter.

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