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Sunday Scribblings – Absurd

standard June 15, 2009 3 responses

Between pregnancy, pumping, pregnancy, nursing and pumping, and dealing with two little kids I hadn’t had a chance to go bra shopping in an absurdly long time. I was making do with old bras, too small bras, too big bras, or just plain ugly bras.

These last couple months I made do with two bras that kinda worked. That is, until Little L took one of them, tried it on, left the room, and instantly made it vanish. With just one functioning bra left I had to bite the bullet and go bra shopping.

I went a little crazy and along with two basic cream colored mommy bras I also bought a black lacy affair.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not exactly a scandalous bra. It’s like the ones I always get, except that it’s black and it has a tiny bit of lace trim, and oh, did I mention it’s black?

So, anyway, the day after I went shopping I decided to wear said black bra. I slipped it on and Little L’s jaw dropped. I snapped the snaps and she gave me a look. A look that said “My mommy, she likes to make jokes. She likes to test me. Is this a joke? Is this a test?” She looked me up and down and decided that I was pulling her leg.

“Nooo, nooo.” She shook her head and made the same noises that she makes when she’s telling me she’s caught me out on yet another joke. She looked around the room and spotted my usual mommy bra. She grabbed it and handed it to me. “Weah dis.” She said nodding furiously.

Cows moo, they don’t bark.
Babies are babies, not kitty cats.
And obviously mommies wear nice boring cream bras, not black lacy affairs. Anything else is just absurd.

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3 responses

  • so understand your bra rant. i have a 4 month old, and just not decided if i shld throw out all mine and buy new ones.
    absurd for sure

  • I do NOT think M would agree!

    So funny that we are on the same schedule. I just bought new bras and underwear this weekend after realizing that I could not Duct tape mine together.

    I went with hot pink and another one with polka dots. 🙂

  • haha…what a great piece of writing. It’s funny how we get used to how our loved ones are SUPPOSED TO look…and when they change, it’s just not right. I even do this with my boyfriend…like when he purchased a FUBU brand shirt…I guess I associate it with rappers and gangsters or at least younger more urban males…and not 42-year-old bookish types…so I freaked out when he wore it!

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