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Not just Mommy Bloggers out there!

standard June 17, 2009 3 responses

For the last year every blogger event I’ve attended has essentially been a mommy blogger event. For the most part a mommy blogger event organized for the Silicon Valley Moms Blogs writers.

I love my SV Moms buddies. I might have even raved about them last night in my exhausted rambling that usurped the brilliant and coherent blog post that I should have written. I’m happy to call many of them my friends and I never fail to be delighted to see them when we congregate.

What’s there not to love? They’re writers. They’re moms. They’re writers who like to talk and write about being moms. Dudes, these are my people!

This year has been a good year for Mommy Bloggers. We’ve been, ah, loud (Some louder than others.) and for the most part we’ve been heard. Between the blogger events, the fun on Twitter, the hanging around each other’s blogs, it’s not impossible that I’ve forgotten about all the other kinds of blogging that women are doing.

I’ve been sitting here, delighted to be heading to BlogHer in a couple short weeks, thrilled about meeting all these other Mommy Bloggers that I’ve only ever met on line. And I somehow forgot that BlogHer isn’t BlogMom it’s BlogHer. As in her, she, all the other women bloggers that get forgotten and even at times shoved aside by the Mommy Blogger tornado.

Last weekend’s Pre-BlogHer meet-up was a gentle reminder of the great big wake-up call that I would have been hit with in July.

We Mommy Bloggers, we may be loud, but we’re definitely not alone out there. There are food bloggers, movie bloggers, bloggers who rant on politics, bloggers who take on feminism, and any number of other crucial topics.

These women are cool. They are smart, they are sometimes phenomenal writers, sometimes brilliant thinkers. They take to their computers and they pound out blog posts that I would never in a million years be able to write.

And they rarely if ever write about their kids.

These women are cool. And they intimidate the heck out of me.

So if you’re at BlogHer you’ll probably find me standing with a ton of other mommy bloggers being loud and goofy so that you won’t notice how nervous your ability to talk about things other than kids and family life makes me. Do me a favor, come on over and chat me up. I swear I do have other things to say. I just don’t always have the nerve to come out and say it. It’s just so much easier to distract everyone with funny stories about my kids.

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3 responses

  • Congrads on being able to go to BlogHer 2009. I’m sure that it will definitely be a very fun meet up. I hope that there will be something like that in Asia..:)

  • During BlogHer 2005, it was somewhat of the opposite. The media and swag attention was most definitely not on the mommyblogger population.

    The “mommyblogging” panel was a “room of her own” – not an actual official “panel discussion.” There were about 20 of us who attended that.

    The majority of the conference was about other types of blogging topics and tools. The whole marketing/PR angle wasn’t even part of it.

    Then in BlogHer 2006, the tide had whipped around such that many conference attendees were stunned to receive things like imprinted bibs in their swag bag. Suddenly the non-moms were stunned, and the moms who blog about things other than their kids felt pretty surprised that the assumption would be “mom” first, “writer” second.

    It has been an interesting five years for women bloggers with equal parts condescension and empowerment.

  • Oh please, you don’t only write about your kids. Stop already!

    And if you did, that doesn’t make you less of a writer. Writing is putting words together to make meaning–the subject isn’t always the THING, the take on the subject is the THING.

    Of course, I’m nicheless and a non BlogHer blogger, so what do I know? It’s like a club I’m either not cool enough to join or I don’t know if I’d ever want to. Kind of just like high school in that respect. (That’s not a put down, it’s reality.)

    Still, stoked to know you’ll get to see Chicago, and I’m hoping they get you out to do just that!

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