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I have new respect for Stephen Colbert

standard June 12, 2009 5 responses

What do you do if you’re a world famous comedian with a prime time Comedy Central show and you’re determined to do something to a) boost morale in Iraq and b) remind people sitting on their cozy couches that there are still troops risking their lives on the other side of the world?

You pick up your cameras, your staff, your whole show and you move them to Camp Victory in Iraq for a week.

You enlist every recent president to record funny speeches.

You go though some basic training.

You even go fly (and puke) in a fighter jet.

Oh, yeah, and on the order of the President, you shave your head on camera.

At least that’s what Stephen Colbert has done this week. In a week of truly inspiring shows, this week Colbert has been broadcasting from Iraq where he’s done an amazing, and truly un-obnoxious way of drawing attention back to Iraq. He’s sporting his new army hair cut, wearing a snazzy camo suit, and he’s interviewing real soldiers.

Every episode has raised the level of respect I have for Stephen Colbert. He’s not there to say the war is “good” or “bad.” He’s just there saying “Remember these guys and gals? They’re still here and they’re more than just a statistic.” It takes balls to do more than talk the talk, he could have sent reporters, he could have sent cameras, instead he went to deal with the heat himself.

I don’t know how much good these shows have been for troop morale, but I’d say they’ve been quite helpful in raising awareness and reminding the nation that the war isn’t over and it’s still involving our people.

Missed the Stephen Colbert Iraq episodes? Catch them here on Hulu.

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