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Hanging out with bloggy friends just gets easier and easier

standard June 9, 2009 1 response

Last weekend M, C, Little L, and I headed to the San Jose Tech Museum for a special Silicon Valley Moms Blog event. We were supposed to be excited to be meeting Bill Nye, but since I had never heard of him and he hasn’t yet been featured on the Little Einsteins or Dora the Explorer, the girls and I were just excited to be going to a party. I think M was just stoked to have something different to do for once.

I walked into the room that was slowly filling up with bloggers and their families and for possibly the first time I wasn’t struck dumb with shyness. I knew more faces in that room than faces I didn’t recognize. Even better, I liked each and everyone of the people those faces were connected to.

Those people aren’t just my blog acquaintances, they’re my friends. I hang out with them on Twitter and Facebook during the day. I visit them on their blogs. And when I see them at bloggy events I feel instantly connected to them.

I used to suffer from terrible social anxiety before any blog event. Now I actually look forward to them. It’s not surprising that I found my tribe inside the computer, it is however awesome that I like them even more outside of it.

Click here to read all about the awesome product that Bill Nye was presenting to us mommy bloggers at the Tech Museum then enter to win one. Trust me, this is one giveaway your dust doesn’t want you to win.

Also? Have you voted in the BlogLuxe awards today? Doesn’t have to be for me… though you know, if you wanted it to be, you’d find me in the Blog I’ve Learned The Most From category.

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1 response

  • You hadn’t heard of Bill Nye the Science Guy??? Where have you been? Oh yeah, France & England.

    S & I have fond memories of growing up & watching Bill Nye the Science Guy (yes, you have to say the whole name)…I think after Sat. morning cartoons. He was pretty cool, in a dorky way.

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