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Did someone see the truck that hit me?

standard June 19, 2009 Leave a response

This week has been brutal.

Stressful, fun, angst-ridden, uplifting, tiring, and everything in between.

Even though I still feel somewhat out of my depth, I’m loving the thrill of doing something new and having people think I’m doing a good job. Even better I’m thoroughly enjoying having someone challenge me to be more than I was and trusting me to succeed.

Do you know how long it’s been since someone thought I was worth challenging?

A long, long time, that’s how long.

In the middle of all this inspiring stress I’ve been running around going to blogger events and staff parties. And then coming home to deal with a crabby somewhat out of sorts toddler who thought that it would be a hoot to wake up four times between midnight and 5am last night.

The sum total of all this is that I’m ecstatic and exhausted. And my body is failing me. I’m losing my voice, my stress induced gum infection has flared up, and I’ve been battling a migraine that comes and goes at will. To say that I’m a bit of a wreck is kind of an understatement. I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. A truck with spikes on its wheels.

Tomorrow we’re heading to Tahoe for the weekend. I’m hoping for a long lazy afternoon lying on the couch with a nice thick novel. Instead I’ll probably be on the floor playing with the girls or out hiking around the lake. Assuming of course that I get through the to do list that was sorely neglected during all the running around and partying.

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