The perfect Mother’s Day doesn’t have to include chocolate

standard May 11, 2009 7 responses

The perfect Mother’s Day isn’t about pedicures and spa treatments. It’s not about chocolate or candy. It’s not even about time alone or fabulous presents.

The perfect Mother’s Day is a day that reminds you why you love being a mother. It’s filled with cuddles, love, and hugs. It’s decorated with pictures painstakingly drawn by little hands. And it moves to the soundtrack of toddler giggles and preschooler songs.

I had the best Mother’s Day ever. It started out with a long family snuggle in our not quite big enough bed. It continued with a lavish Country Club brunch and an afternoon at the in law’s pool. And it ended with a low key, impromptu barbecue by the pool. Nothing special. Nothing out of the ordinary. Just a wonderful day with my wonderful family. A day that made me happy to be a mom.

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7 responses

  • Aww! The posts that are simple and perfect like this one make me feel warm n fuzzy 😀

  • Sounds like a wonderful day, J! 🙂 I got home at about 11:30 pm on Saturday and my Mother’s Day began with a dogpile (guess who was at the borrom) at midnight! *lol*

  • We had church and a graduation party, and then my husband got sick. But my son let me a card and a thoughtful gift before going to work, and my husband presented me with a lovely (perfect) card. So it was a good day, even without chocolate!

    Oh, and the graduate (master’s in math) who is sometimes like a daughter to me, gave me a little daisy filled bud-vase which was so thoughtful.

    It is simply good to know I’m loved.

    Great pool picture!

  • Awww, sounds like a fantastic day.

    This was my second mother’s day and it was nice. My hubby had my daughter scribble with crayons on a mother’s day card, it was so sweet. We did lunch and spent sometime at the park.

  • You and the girls make the prettiest picture – I am glad you had a nice day, you really know how to appreciate life!

  • I adore that picture! So sweet!

  • You’re amazing. For the big day i requested S take the girls to his parents Sat. night, sleepover & not come back ’til late Sunday. I think he was actually going to do it too, but then A came down w/ strep throat knocking my peaceful Sunday plans away…sigh. I did get to sleep in (sort of), but then we ended up in urgent care in the afternoon w/ a potential strep throat case in K, but it turned out to be a random cold virus….FUN! I think between all our girls, we must have been hit w/ every single virus going around this winter!

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