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No use crying over spilt milk

standard May 19, 2009 8 responses

I have a bag. A good bag. A really, really good bag.

Technically it’s a diaper bag, but it only ever really rarely actually holds diapers*. Instead it holds my three or four notebooks**, my pens, my wallet, my glasses, my camera, my Flip, stickers, a book for the kids, my phone, sunscreen, more sunscreen, Aquafor, more pens, some old candies, a pacifier, often my laptop, and anything M or the kids want me to carry for them***.

Including, sometimes, their left over milk containers.

Which don’t usually spill.

Except for this last one.

I honestly can’t remember the last time we went to McDonald’s (before tonight, because that doesn’t count, it has nothing to do with this story and I’m only including that fact in the interest of full disclosure.) Sometime in the middle of last week maybe****. As we left Little L handed me her milk chug, and I, thinking that it was still sealed shut, threw it into my bag.

I fully intended to put the milk chug into the fridge as soon as we got home, but I promptly forgot about it, and I didn’t remember I had even put it in the darn bag until I pulled it out this morning as I was trying to shove my laptop into it’s space.

Even then I didn’t notice the bottle had been opened. Or that it had leaked all over my bag. All over all that clutter at the bottom of my bag. All over my precious notebooks, pens, and stuff.

Did I mention that it was almost 100F over the weekend?

I have had old milk sitting in my bag, all over my stuff, for the last 4 to 5 days, in the torrid heat.

So I apologize. That smell that’s been bothering you all day? That’s my bag. I’ll be getting a new one in the morning. Because sometimes it’s no use crying over spilt milk, not even when it has spilled inside your really, really good bag, all over your precious stuff.

* I keep the diapers in the car, or on the baby, where they’re most useful.
** I have a bit of a notebook problem. Maybe more like an addiction. And let’s not even mention the pen situation. K? Thanks.
*** This bag, it is heavy, very, very heavy. But it’s all essential. I swear.
**** Do not be a Judgy McJudgy-pants. We bring veggies and fruit, they eat chicken nuggets and a couple of fries. It’s not so bad. Really. Honest.

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8 responses

  • I hate it when that happens! At least it was milk so you could use the “spilled milk” line!

    Seriously though, it hurts when these things happen. Reminds me of a tragic experience with a two year old, those markers that only write on the special paper, and a nice big bag newly purchased from the Coach outlet (only such purchase ever!). Kept that bag in my closet for years before I would admit the giant stain was permanent.

    I hope your notebooks and pens fared better than the bag itself.

  • My heartfelt sympathies on your bag and its contents.

    As for judging you? My son ate 2-4 frosted strawberry Pop-Tarts every morning for about ten years. I will never throw stones. At little league once, the boys asked him what he ate, because he was so much taller than the rest of the team, and at the next game, I had moms mad at me for him “encouraging” their boys to eat such crap. Ah, memories…of me being the bad non-super mom.

    (He’s a vegetarian now and cannot eat them–there’s gelatin in the frosting.)

    Don’t worry about the smell, I can’t even get a whiff of it here…

  • Ew. Sorry! I had a favorite bag in high school. I put a perfume container in it.. it broke, and spilled… I had to toss the purse — couldn’t get the overwhelming stench out!

  • I DO cry over spilled milk! At least it didn’t spill in your van. That’s what happened to me. Can’t pick up a new one of those quite as easily. 😉

  • Yes, I think this has happened to most of us at one point or another. And it is always to THE BAG…a brand new bag, the favorite bag, the cannot replace it bag, etc., etc. I sympathize.

    Ruth (above) makes me wonder about those special markers and paper…is there something I should know? Please share!

    Great post!

  • Jessica – It was those Crayola Color Wonder markers – they are awesome because they will only write on the special paper, not on walls or carpet or whatever. Which was perfect for my (then) 2 year old to amuse herself away from home.

    Never occurred to me that if the cap came off and the pen leaked against the inside of a leather bag for a while it would bleed an oily spot straight through (which is did). Sigh.

  • Thank you all for the info…you have (I hope) spared me from a similar incident.

    May your bags be light (and clean).

    I’ll be sure to share this with my girlfriends.

  • We do McDs too – but hey, he eats the whole walnut and fruit and yogurt salad and only a few fries so I don’t think it is so bad – plus they have a playground!

    The bag, dear lord, yuck! Hope you get a cooler one!

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