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I spend quite a bit of time on Twitter just being my usual goofy self. I tweet random thoughts that pop into my head as I go through the day. I tweet supportive or funny messages to my Twitter friends. I reply to questions. I forward info that I find pertinent or useful.

The gist of it is that I’m a busy tweeter and I’m most definitely all me when I’m on there. And people must like me because I kinda get a lot of followers. As in probably 30 or so new followers every day. Which, I know, is totally insane, because I’m not really that funny or that interesting. But anyway, that’s neither here nor there.

When you’re on Twitter and people follow you, you get a handy little email that tells you that they did so you can go check out their profile and decide whether or not you’ll follow them back. I’m anal so I check each and everyone of the profiles and make a careful decision based on whether or not the bio is filled out, the person actually converses with others, and oh yeah, if the person says things that might be of interest to me.

All that is fine and dandy, but here’s what I want to know:
Should I take it personally that the majority of the people who follow me are either Career Counselors or Fitness Gurus. I mean, is Twitter trying to tell me something? Like maybe that I should get off the couch, find a job, and start exercising more?

Or am I just being a bit hyper sensitive?

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4 responses

  • I’m so 2007. I just don’t get Twitter.

    You’re so hip!

  • Hi Jessica!

    I’m one of your many followers on Twitter! Love your posts and your “live-in-the-now” personality!

    If you ask me, it means that career counselors and fitness gurus need a little goofiness in their lives!

    I know I do!


  • That’s a great post, comical yet serious!

    I am not sure if we follow each other on Twitter, as followers get larger and larger it’s so hard to keep up! I am @brandyellen and I love tweeting all day too!

    I wouldn’t take offense to having those ppl follow you – or think it’s a twitter hint 😉

    Keep up your tweets, I look forward to catching some!


  • I think they are following all of us… Ha! Those and the get rich quick peeps.

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