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standard May 21, 2009 2 responses

Back in January, when I was still struggling with the first of the winter’s viruses, and didn’t yet understand the extent of the onslaught we were about to face, I wrote a post outlining all the great plans I had for the coming year. I came across the post last night while I was searching the archives for inspiration posts about asthma and I gave myself a mental pat on the back. I’m not doing half badly on the big ol’ plan for the year!

To be specific…
– I wanted to “declutter and organize our home.” OK. One quick glance around might make you think I’ve failed dramatically at that. But! BUT! We did organize the kid’s toys, more or less, and when we actually take the time to clean up the place doesn’t look half bad. Plus, I mastered the laundry, which was definitely on the list of things to take care off in the big declutter project, so there’s always that.

– I wanted to “write my book.” Well, as of today I have 39 388 words written. That’s a lot more, as in, 30 000 more, words than I had back in January. And also it marks the halfway point in my 80 000 word first draft goal. So BOO YAH to me on that! I’m getting the thing written. In fact, my current goal is to have the first draft written by the end of June. I’ll keep you posted.

– I wanted to “overcome my self sabotaging tendencies.” Uh. Yeah, about that… Hey! Look over there! Something shiny!

– I wanted to “write and sell an article to a magazine.” After a couple false starts on that I’ve finally done it. My first article is slated to be published in the June edition of a local journal called Parenting on the Peninsula. I cannot wait to see my name in print.

– I wanted to be “nominated for a blog award.” That ship sailed silently by, but I’m fine with that. Whatever, there’s always next year, and the year after that, and the one after that. In the meantime my readership is growing one faithful reader at a time and I’m more than just fine with that. Because you guys are great and you’re really the only ones who really matter.

So, you see? I’m doing pretty well, no? In fact, I’m starting to think I might need to come up with some goals for the second half of the year. Though maybe just getting the book written and sticking to my diet is plan enough for me. Wouldn’t want to get too ambitious or anything.

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2 responses

  • Congratulations on your accomplishments! That’s awesome!

    (Here via Twitter.)


  • There was a show on TLC called Clean Sweep, and it used to really get me going on purging and organizing. It’s nice to lighten that load (one of my goals for summer is to attack our basement–hard part, it’s mostly my husband’s stuff and who wants to be in the basement in the summer?)

    GREAT job on your book! Woo hoo!

    Awards are nice, but readers are what counts. Count me.

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