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From the Mouths of Babes: Getting ready to be a grown-up

standard May 14, 2009 3 responses

I snuck out of the kitchen, leaving the girls busy with their crayons and markers. With any luck I’d have fifteen minutes to get my crunches done before one of them found me and made it impossible for me to do my workout. I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to do sit-ups while someone bounces on my stomach or sits on my face. Go figure.

I managed to get 50 crunches done before I heard first little patter of feet coming down the hall. Another 15 and C figured out that I was hiding in my room. As soon as she saw me lying on the floor she dropped her doll and lay down next to me.

She propped her ankle on her knee in a perfect imitation of my position and as I did a few more crunches she tried to do a few herself. She may not have managed an actual crunch, but she had the grunting down to perfection.

“You know why I’m doing this just like you?”
“No, babe, why are you doing this just like me?”
“Because I have to practice.”
“You have to practice what?”
“I have to practice doing this because this is what grown-ups do and I have to practice doing grown-up things for when I’m a grown-up.”

Today we practiced doing crunches, tomorrow we practice balancing the checkbook or maybe driving the car. I don’t know, what would you suggest?

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3 responses

  • I realized I was a grown up when I started scheudling my own maintenance appointments and then driving myself to them. You know, like the dreaded dentist!

    Start her slow, ask her to pump gas next time it’s needed!

  • Sooo… I’m just gonna say this

    You need to stop writing amazing posts that make me happy and bring a smile to my face and that make me read them all out loud to my friends because… well they’re too darned good. You need to syndicate them out to a larger blog where even more people can enjoy your amazing writings and get smiles on their faces like I do.

    Just saying 😉

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