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First there was asthma, then there was more.

standard May 20, 2009 7 responses

I have been anxiously waiting for summer to arrive. Summer was going to be our salvation from the horrible winter germs and viruses that have plagued us since December. Summer was going to release us from the grip of asthma anxiety. Summer was going to rawk.

Until Little L started getting rashes.

The first time she broke out in little red dots all over her body I assumed that she was reacting to an afternoon spent rolling around in the grass. C sometimes has a bad reaction to grass. Whatever, it’s nothing, goes away after a quick bath.

Little L’s spots didn’t clear up after a bath. In fact, they got worse. Then she got a fever, so I assumed it was just another virus. But the next time she was out in the sun she broke out again. And the time after. And yes, the time after that too.

It turns out she’s not allergic to grass, she’s allergic to sun. OK, fine, maybe allergic is a strong word. She’s what they call photosensitive – her skin doesn’t react well to exposure to the sun, any exposure at all.

According to her doctor she’s not in any danger and she should outgrow this condition. Her helpful advice is to just keep Little L out of the sun, which, living in California, is definitely easier said than done. I’ve purchased a number of long sleeved, SPF swim body suits and I’m stocking up on sunscreen, not that it’s doing any good at all. And after a couple days of completely and utterly freaking out about this newest twist, I’m coming to grips with it.

This is Little L. She has quirky medical issues. None of them are all that dire. They’re just tedious, and time consuming, and yes, potentially bad, or they would be if we hadn’t noticed them right away and taken steps to protect her from herself. In the winter we will load up on asthma and cold medicine and in the summer we’ll stock up on protective clothing and sunscreen. And we’ll stop saying things like “Yay summer is coming! Relief is almost here” because now we know for a fact that Karma reads my blog and she’s taking notes, and really, we don’t need to give her any extra ammo.

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7 responses

  • As an individual w/quirky medical issues (Fibromyalgia, Renaud’s Syndrome, depression, IBS, herniated disk (this year), it seems if it’s not one thing it’s another w/me,) I can relate to your situation.

    Hang in there, at least you’re getting answers and some of them that she’ll “grow out of it.” The “I don’t know” answer is the worst, trust me.

  • Hey Mama Speak – I have Sjogrens & Raynauds, Rheumatoid Arthritis, am allergic to all anti-biotics but one and all that, too! What a bunch of lucky girls we are!

    But KIKA, my girls and I all outgrew eczema, grass allergies and asthma. Your baby will be just fine!

    Scary, though. I sure get that!

  • I really hope it IS something she outgrows soon. So scary! I hope she still manages to have a fabulous summer and with YOU as her mother, I’m sure it’ll happen!

  • Don’t forget the cute sun hats!

    Seriously, it sounds like quite an annoyance, but you will all be fine, and that is the important thing. Hang in there!

  • Oh no, I’m so sorry. Poor Little L!

    Bella had a crazy sensitivity to sunscreen. She broke out in rashes and they were very painful and took a long time to go away.

    The only cure was very expensive lotion like Dr. Hauschka and that French brand in the white and blue bottles.

  • Wow, that sucks! Poor L, but it sounds like you’ve got everything you need for her to still enjoy the summer.

  • Oh poor thing! That is just crazy! I have had asthma all my life and it was bad growing up. I am not allergic to the sun but I am allergic to drastic temperature changes. Not a common one!

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