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And then she was 4, and there was lots of cake.

standard May 18, 2009 10 responses

M and I rolled out of bed at 7:30 this morning and we didn’t stop moving, prepping, planning, organizing, and getting everything ready for the princess’ birthday party. All of that in the 95 degree heat that was smothering the Bay Area today.

Lucky for us we were hosting a pool party. Lucky for all the guests looking to cool off, it’s a big pool.

The day started out with a large pile of gifts.
Only question, which one to open first.
This doll won that honor,
then she watched as all the other gifts were torn into.
Then we rushed around getting more stuff ready, more things cooked, before we realized that we were cooking ourselves and we packed up everything, including the kids, and headed to the inlaws‘. We made great use of their AC to finish prepping the party that was taking place in their pool. Only seems fair, right?

This was the piece de resistance.

Which was supposed to be accompanied by lots of tiny butterflies…
which wouldn’t unmold
so instead I whipped this up. Purty, right?
The birthday girl thought so!
That’s right, she’s the birthday girl.
The great big four year old birthday girl.

After C was born I lay exhausted in my bed, recovering from an endless labor and a last minute c-section. Tonight I’m going to go lay in my bed, exhausted from a completely different kind of labor. I may be tired, but it was worth every minute, and there was a lot more cake than on this day four years ago.

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10 responses

  • Those cakes ROCK! Hey…I have 3 family birthdays and an anniversary this month…ya busy??? 🙂

  • Ahh.. congrats!! Mine will be four very soon too. That memory of their birth is actually just such an… ‘awe’moment…something I won’t ever forget, sure u won’t either.

    My kiddo is more of a train and truck kinda kid… I am thinking cupcakes may be as creative as I can get!!

    Glad it was a beautiful day!! That cake looks very nummy too… now I am craving chocolate… darn it =P

  • Anonymous

    hi… i just visit your blog. It’s wonderful one. I feel there’s laugh, cheers and life in it. I am a mother of 2 daughters (21 and 20). visiting your blog reminds me to those past years, when they were in your daughters age. It was great moments i ever have. congrats! send my best regards to your lovely daughters.

  • Very cool cakes! I’m glad everyone enjoyed the day.

  • great save on the 2nd cake!!!

    Just did the 3YO on 4/27, now doing the 6YO this weekend. OH and there’s an anniversary in there that has yet to be celebrated in the last 8 years (Wow! 8???)

    But since I had back surgery this year, we went easy (Build-a-Bear). If your in-laws ever want to volunteer their services our way (the set up & clean up, of course) just let me know. 😉

  • It sounds like we had the same day today here on the East Coast, but my son was 3 (real birthday today) and we had a dalmation cake (fireman theme)

    Happy Birthday to your little girl!

  • Did you make BOTH those cakes? What was the first one made of? My cakes come from Duncan Heinz. I have never introduced my kids to “made from scratch” cakes, so they don’t know what they’re missing heh heh

    Your daughter is so pretty! She looks just like her mommy.

  • Sounds like a great day! Thank goodness you planned a pool party – it was SO hot yesterday that anything else would have been difficult!

    LOVE the cakes!!!!

    Great photos too!

  • Those cakes are gorgeous!! You did a great job. I can’t believe C is 4 – well I guess I can since LM was born before her but I still remember them as babies!

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