You know you watch too many cop shows when…

standard April 14, 2009 6 responses

– you look around the mess in your house and wonder if the CSIs would be able to find any clues in all the mess.

– you see a fingerprint on your computer screen and marvel at how perfect it looks rather than the smudge it makes.

– you know exactly what your lawyer husband means when he says: inadmissible, protective custody, or any other legal mumbo jumbo.

– you drive by a big plastic trash-bag on the side of the highway and you wonder if there’s a body in there.

– you walk into your house and instantly assess if everything is exactly where you last left it and what it means if it isn’t.

– you instantly recognize the show and the episode and know the ending after three seconds of the opening scene… ahem.

– when you see a mess on the floor you look at the splatter pattern to try to figure out who spilled what and when.

-your friends mention some family drama or secret and you can think of at least two shows and episodes where that exact pattern emerged and how the story concluded.

I could think of so many more, but CSI Miami is about to start. Gotta go.

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