What shoulds are holding you back?

standard April 8, 2009 2 responses

I’m still reading Chapter After Chapter by Heather Sellers, and while I’m still not agreeing with everything she says, she does make some very interesting and startling observations – like the fact that we are all constantly bogged down by shoulds.

I should exercise and eat well.

I should lose the last 15 pregnancy pounds.

I should earn more money.

I should be nice to everyone I meet.

I should answer all my emails, instant messages, twitter messages, and phone calls.

I should finish any book I start reading.

I should repay every favor.

I should attend every event I’m invited to.

I should put paying work in front of my novel.

I should be looking for more paying work.

I should play more with my children.

I should go to bed earlier every night.

I should keep up with all my friends, no matter how estranged we’ve become.

I should read all the blog posts in my reader.

I should, I should, I should…

Some of these shoulds are unavoidable, while others really aren’t. What Heather Sellers says might not always work for me, but she has taught me this: we have to work to recognize which shoulds, which obligations, are keeping us from being fulfilled. We have only a limited amount of energy and time – where do we most want to spend it? On perceived obligations or on what truly matters?

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