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Sunday Scribblings – Celebrating Banality

standard April 6, 2009 8 responses

“What do you want to do?”
“I dunno, what do you want to do?”

We have that conversation all the time, last night was definitely not a first. It wasn’t even the first time we were having the conversation with a sitter standing there waiting for us to leave. We never really know where we’re going to go on date night. Our dates are less about the destination than the journey. The journey out of the house.

We made a snap decision, grabbed our coats, kissed the girls and headed out. Then, on our way to the car we realized we could go to Home Depot before heading out to dinner. Which is how we ended up wandering the power tool aisle on our first date night in weeks.

We debated the merits of the different sand paper options, chose the cheapest plumber’s snake we could find, and gaped at the prices of the cordless mowers. We kidded around as we hunted down a sales person and relaxed as me meandered up and down the daunting aisles.

By the time we left with our sand paper, weed killer, and plumber’s snake all the little squabbles and stresses that had come between us during the week had melted away and we were completely in sync again. As we got into the car I wanted to close my eyes and stop time to savor the perfectly banal and wonderful moment. Instead I sent out a quick tweet to my followers on Twitter.

Best date ever. went to Home Depot and bought a plumber’s snake and now going out for burgers. Love my husband.”

My husband is my best friend and my favorite moments with him are the simple, mundane ones. Lunch of the patio with the girls, a walk around the block, a shared moment at the mall. Sure, I won’t turn down a fancy dinner or a romantic dinner away, but for the most part give me a burger and a trip to the hardware store and I’m happy.

This post was inspired by the Sunday Scribblings prompt Celebrate. Head on over to read other great posts!

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8 responses

  • It was nice reading this ’cause my husband and I went to Home Depot on our “first date” after getting back together (we’d split up twice while dating, before we committed to a life together…). He’d “dumped” me the previous July, then out of the blue, called me in March and suggested we meet at Home Depot. He’d “heard” I was moving into an apartment and was concerned that I’d be lonely living all alone.
    And the rest is history.
    As much as Home Depot is not *my* favorite store, it will always have a special place in my heart!

  • A date an Home Depot sounds just about right to me.

  • That is great! I’m looking forward to having some time with reconnect with my hubby too. So many times when things come up it’s so easy to aim frustrations towards hubbies when we obviously don’t want to aim it towards our kids. It’s nice when you can spend some time and remember why you settled down and had children with the guy in the first place.. hehe. I get to go away with *my* best friend this weekend and I could NOT be more excited!

  • LOL…. any night away from the kids is PERFECT!!

  • So who needs a three star restaurant, when you can have Home Depot? Time spent together is important no matter what you’re doing!

  • Very nice. Nice to have time together, even if it is not some big adventure or party.


  • My husband and I spent Valentine’s Day at Home Depot. It was relaxing and then we topped it off with a stop at Cold Stone Creamery. Any time we can spend time alone is good time.

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